Friday, October 16, 2009

A Psychological Study

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I have often wondered what goes on in the minds of Glenn Beck's followers, and as it happens, Rapture Ready has a whole passel of them. It's . . . interesting.

If you watched Glen Beck today and saw the end of the show when he was almost in tears.....What exactly did he mean when he said it was time for us to make hard choices and take our country back?

First of all, tears courtesy of Vick's Vaporub. Secondly, yeah, what does he mean? Surely not sedition, right?

I saw that, and my heart broke for him. I prayed out loud, "God, help him" as he was choking back tears, looking for words. I believe he is absolutely sincere in how he feels and what he says. You can tell he really has a heart for his country. I feel the same way. He just puts words to how I feel/he feels. Plus, I'm a "nobody" and he is a well-known TV face/personality. Where nobody would likely listen to me, he has a wide audience. Maybe God is using him in these last days to try to wake people up from their Kool-Aid stupor. I pray it works!!

Okay, Vick's Vaporub is not the same thing as sincerity. PT Barnum would have loved you.

It was a very emotional show today. Glenn can't help crying for his country, and I cry with him. I too, wish we knew what we can do, we write to our congressmen, over and over and they do not pay any attention to us. Thank goodness Glenn has proof for everything he says, so no one can dispute him. More people, like our congressman need to watch his show.

Apparently, "proof" is now defined as "wild imaginings".

I know exactly what I'm going to do. Starting with the 2010 elections I will vote for everyone on the ticket that IS NOT an incombent. then we will move to the 2012 elections and do the very same thing, and if enough of us do this, then we can get some fresh faces in our governement and maybe, just maybe a message will be sent to the rest of those clowns that we the people will not take their @#$#@ anymore.

that's odd. what obscenity is five letters long, with the same letter first and last and the same letter second and fourth? basically, this person is going to vote for an insane chihuahua, as long as it's not an incumbant. that's bound to work!

We were taught all about Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, Castro in the late 70's and early 80's. What they did was pure evil. These were the evils that were burned into our young brains. I can't express enough gratitude to my early teachers in grade school. Now, and this has been building for years in govt education, these same murderers, killers, are being looked to by this administration as historical figures to be held in high esteem. I don't even know what to say anymore.

who could forget the speech in which Obama listed his heros as Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot? What, you too? That's the kind of thing you'd think you remember. huh.

Beck is LDS. We need to pray for his salvation first of all! So many people make a mockery out of Rush, Hannity and Beck and it makes me so mad. These men represent exactly how I feel. I applaud them for what they do. I believe their time is limited. Keep praying for their safety and effectiveness!

This person scares me. A lot. If Rush, Hannity and Beck represent how you feel (and I'm not sure they represent how they themselves feel), you need medication. and restraints.

Oh, Grayling!!! YES! I so agree! I was raised in an era ('50's) where God came FIRST, country and family followed. I've said this many times on these boards, but my parents and grandparents discussed that we were going to be going to the point WHERE WE ARE NOW if things continued as they were.... back in 1960!!!! I'll NEVER forget this! And, during my college years (late '60's), I was witness to the dangerous power that we have now ("flower power", "make love, not war," "All we are saying is give peace a chance," anti-war movements, pipe bombs, black lights, weed, earth shoes, "The Age of Aquarias," .....

Ah, yes, the fifties, when blacks sat at the back of bus and knew exactly which water fountain to drink from. who doesn't want to go back there? and, uh, i understand how one might find drugs and pipe bombs dangerous, but black lights and earth shoes? in the same category? srsly?

This is what happens when the Bible and GOD are taken out of schools. When moral relativism reigns . . . . when the "old white guys" that founded this country are looked upon as oppressors (while bringing up slavery, women not being able to vote, etc.) . . . when promoting democracy and freedom abroad are viewed as "American imperialism" . . . when bankers, big business interests and lobbyists have infiltrated Congress for way too long . . . .we reap what we sow. The population holds "getting along a-la kum-ba-ya" in higher regard than having a moral and ethical spine. We are no longer "from many we are one". We now value "Strength in diversity" and "from one we are many" . . . thank goodness my grandparents (who were part of the "Greatest Generation" of the 1930's and 40's) aren't around to see this . .

it's silly to even consider slavery and other such things. i mean, who cares? hey, i'm a white male, and i've never noticed any racism or misogyny.

In all honesty I think Glenn is coming to grips with knowing a vote willnot fix this problem. It's hard to digest.

voting generally does not fix crazy, but keep in mind, these are the same people that started stockingpiling guns and ammo when Obama was elected.

People ask "why keep bringing up Beck and Limbaugh, etc? they're liars and crazies and everyone knows it!" No, everyone does not know it. those are just some of the responses on this thread, it goes on for pages and pages, every single person proclaiming their love for a man who is either a lunatic or the greatest showman of our time- and a man who doesn't care who he pushes over the edge, or how well armed they are.


  1. Scary stuff. It truly is.

    "He just puts words to how I feel/he feels. Plus, I'm a "nobody" and he is a well-known TV face/personality. Where nobody would likely listen to me, he has a wide audience. Maybe God is using him in these last days to try to wake people up from their Kool-Aid stupor. I pray it works!! ".

    Dangerous, scary stuff.

  2. Beck is calling for violent revolution, without saying it, but it is in every symbol and phrase he uses. The people who listen to him are either blasé about it or agree, yes that frightens me.


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