Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Please enjoy this brief intermission

PF is briefly MIA due to blush almost killing her. Ya, rly.

All is hopefully on its way to being well, but please send positive energy out to the Quantum Field, and enjoy this photo of one of PF's favorite animals, the behbeh sloth:

courtesy of CuteOverload

-- Anon


  1. Dawww … make the nose smaller and black, and dangit, I’d be rushing to get me one.

    Get better soon, Personal*.

    * Wanted to call you something else than PF, and “Ms. Failure” just sounds wrong.

  2. Get well soon Personal Failure, where will we be without your snark?

  3. I hope you feel better and return to normal soon.

  4. Hey PF- I hope you get well soon. That baby sloth is super cute.

  5. Get well soon PF. I will send my wish for your health out into the quantum flux and it will return with good health for you, of this I am certain (well certain that it is all bullshit but you understand).

  6. PF also enjoys pictures of Oded Fehr, Naveen Andrews, and the like, if anyone would care to link. ;D

  7. Well, it won't let me put image tags in the comments, but here:
    A Picture!

  8. Thanks guys. Spleen gone. Will be terrified of sneezes for the next two years.

    Next up: exhaustive rounds of tests to see why my spleen tried to kill me.

    Back soon.


  9. PF,

    Sorry for the delayed wishes; but they are my very best.

    "You got some spleenin' to do!"



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