Monday, November 23, 2009

Pronoun Confusion

this is not salvation
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In the spirit of angels dancing on the head of a pin, we have pronoun confusion:

I was praying for a friend's salvation early this morning and I wanted to ask that my friend came to know Him (Jesus). But since Jesus is God, would I refer to Jesus as "Him" or "You"? Does it matter? Is this a silly question?

So, god knows everything, but if you use the wrong pronoun, he gets confused? Say "him" instead of "you", and your friend meets Tom Jones instead of Jesus? Oops, sorry, no salvation for you, your friend should have been more specific.


  1. It's not unusual to be saved by anyone...

  2. That totally makes looking at his hairy chest worth it.

  3. Omniscience + Free Will = *headsplosion*

  4. It's not particularly clever to make fun of ignorant people. You're too intelligent to do that.


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