Monday, November 2, 2009

We're All Doomed


  1. See? Little do you realize the light you see from the sun is over 93,000 years old. Funny story, actually, the sun went nova 50,000 years ago, but you've still got another 43,000 before you get the memo.

    Of course that's totally impossible, since the sun was created just one 24 hour period before the earth, which we all know was created 6000 years ago.

    Therefore, I have disproved the existence of light using Christian Science!(tm)

  2. Except, of course, my math is totally wrong and those are hours, not years.

    The light's only 10.64 years old at 1000mph/hour. Nevertheless, I'll leave the above post up as a testament to both what I feel is amusing snark, and the fact that I'm really tired and can crunch accurate math.

  3. CAN'T crunch accurate math.

    I'mma go cry in the corner now.

  4. Of course, the speed of dark has been estimated at just over a thousand mph; explaining how it always manages to get out of the way when light shines on it...

    h/t to Pratchett

  5. In light of this new evidence, I'm proposing that the "Science: It works, bitchez!" theory has been falsified in its current form, and must be updated in order to remain accurate as a model for known data.

    I would like to propose the "... unless you're a freaking moron" hypothesis.


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