Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks for Proving My Point

The Universe called, buy me this coat.
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Ken Pulliam, PhD, wrote on the Witness of the Spirit and the Burning of the Bosom, which are, respectively, evangelical and Mormon names for the same thing. (Though either group would accuse the other of not experiencing the correct metaphysical phenomenon.) In case you aren't familiar with these concepts, they refer to the "knowledge" one gains directly from god, in the absence of any real proof. Or logic. Or reason.

Mr. Pulliam states the obvious in his post: there is no difference between a Christian receiving "knowledge" this way, and a Mormon receiving "knowledge" this way. (Or a Muslim, or a Hindu, or a pagan, or an atheist for that matter. I could claim that the universe spoke directly into my soul this morning and told me to tell you to buy me a puffer trench coat from Target, so get right on that. You can't tell me I didn't feel the presence of the universe in my soul. Black, XS.)

The Christian response, is, well, nonresponsive.

Nothing can disconfirm Darwinian thinking either... I guess he means accepting the reality of evolution. "nothing can disconfirm your insane belief in gravity, either, can't you see the rocks just floating around as we speak?" You don't seem to realize that all of life is based on faith. so . . . i brush my teeth, blowdry my hair and put on my shoes through faith alone? yeah, that's just crazy. There is a reason Christianity is the largest religion in the world. really good PR? Christianity promotes the reality of love. No other religion including atheism NOT a religion promotes true, eternal unfailing love. This belongs to Christians alone Christianity is the religion of love like Islam is the religion of peace.

In fact, you could know the love of God through faith. how else could one know such a thing? When you know the love of God, you never turn away from that which you know to be true. you mean like Mr. Pulliam, who did indeed turn away from that which he knew to be true? I smell a Scotsman!

Christianity can be falsified though. is he . . . what? It could be falsified if the body of Christ had been discovered. well, then, I'll just hop in my time machine and go back in time and see. The evidence if overwhelming for the ressurection it is? people say so and that's "overwhelming"? there's way more evidence for evolution, my dear. so we we would need overwhelming evidence that Christianity was not true which would be the body of Jesus. so, the only thing that could possibly convince him that his faith is misplaced is the body of a 2,000 year old dead guy. i do admire the height of your bar setting.

The godless worldview has no way of being falsified sure it does: prove god. all god has to do is show himself and i'll believe. simple as that. and appears to be a blind belief. it may not be, appearances can be deceiving. If you really accepted the scientific method, you would also be an Christian since the hypothesis that Christ was the Son of God has been tested and confirmed. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. where's the lab results on that one?

God Bless...


  1. If you really accepted the scientific method, you would also be an Christian since the hypothesis that Christ was the Son of God has been tested and confirmed.

    Let's count the number of words zdenny (who I regularly have to stop myself from feeding over on the good doctor's blog, by the by...) doesn't understand:


    Now let's count the number of concepts that zdenny doesn't understand:

    scientific method

    Okay, that's a lot of fail in just one sentence...

  2. The restraint at Pulliam's blog was awe-inspiring. nobody fed that troll.

  3. *cracks up and weeps at the same time*

    Need science education!

  4. « If you really accepted the scientific method, you would also be an Christian since the hypothesis that Christ was the Son of God has been tested and confirmed. »

    Someone … actually … wrote that?

    My brain is in excruciating pain, now.

  5. While I agree it's never good to feed a troll, I'm profoundly curious as to what "scientific tests" he's referring to.

    But then, I figure there's at least a coin toss's odds that the immediate response will be links from AiG... *rolleyes*

  6. Well Christianity could maybe have been the religion of Love...if it hadn't been for that bigoted misogynistic fundie prick Saul/Paul. If they had just stuck with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John it probably wouldn't have turned out nearly so awful.

  7. Thing to remember is that Paul is in there because people wanted him. The problem with Jesus is that his touchy-feely feed-the-poor-and-assist-the-powerless-oh-and-be-nice-to-each-other approach just doesn't provide enough in the way of clear edicts for us to tell people that they're Doing It Wrong. That's why Paul had to step in and pick up the slack.


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