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Do Not Eat the Orange Popsicles

Because if you do, the giant rats from every RPG ever show up for a nom.

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Is That a Godwin in Your Pocket . . .

[warning: brief mention of rape, female genital mutilation]

Ah, feminism. It's just like Nazism. And did you know that in a time period when women couldn't open a credit card by themselves, they owned most of the nation's wealth?

You're right, that does seem a bit illogical. It's difficult to pull off logic after you've Godwin'd yourself in the first paragraph, you see.

Forty years ago, American society (or at least those parts of it owned by the leftist establishment) was aflutter with feminism. This was the newest incarnation of the flower of leftism. Hugh Hefner and Playboy, though pilloried by these feminists, naturally genuflected at its holy altar. Colleges rushed to include courses in "Women's Studies," oblivious to the fact that "Aryan Studies" in German colleges represented the nadir in human scholarship and that the stark "Women Good, Men Bad" animus of this pseudo-academic adventure smells just like something the National Socialist Student Association would have cooked up.

HAHAHA! Somebody somewhere studied something and now HITLER! I WINZ!!!!1!!eleventy!!! Really, I wasted my time learning to read and stuff. All that time studying logic and philosophy, what a waste.

Men were dumbfounded to discover that they had been "oppressors" -- that they had forced wives to stay home while they savored the sweet joys of rush-hour traffic and heart-attack jobs, that the higher life expectancy of women proved that inadequate attention had been paid to "women's health issues," that they relished the privilege of suffering horrific combat wounds while women performed noncombatant roles in the military, and that the sex which owned most of the wealth of our nation was also, somehow, the helpless sex.

The sex which owned most of the wealth of our nation? Prove that one, asshat. Really. Prefeminism, so prior to the 1960s, women owned most of the wealth of our nation? That's . . . interesting considering that women have had the vote for less than 100 years, and it wasn't until the 1960s that a woman could speak to her doctor about controlling her own fertility. But clearly, we were in charge. Just living the high life. At the expense of men everywhere.

As to the rest, I've heard this before and it's stooooopid. Women weren't at home, happy as clams, avoiding traffic and stress, they were trapped, unable to obtain education and jobs they wanted and needed, dependent on the men in their lives to support them. What do you suppose happened when those men couldn't or wouldn't support them? The women in the army argument is just as fallacious. If women want to be in active combat, they should be able to. Look at it this way, women in active combat can take the "horrific wounds" and open up support positions to the poor, poor menz.

Seriously, cry me a river about how privilege was such a burden upon the white male.

Truth, as all sane folk and grownups always knew, is that neither sex has a clear advantage over the other. Sex differentiation in species close to Homo sapiens very closely mirrors those sexual roles which have independently evolved in wholly separate cultures for thousands of years. This surprising fact -- that men and women are inherently different and complementary -- never surprised conservatives, and to their great credit, conservative women emphatically rejected the notion that the apparatus of leftist inquisitions were needed to protect them from the dark hearts of wicked men.

I'm sorry, what planet do you live on? Is it a planet on which there is no male privilege, no rape culture, no misogyny? Because I really, really, really want to live there. Only a particularly dense man could say that with a straight face. Also, when did we start the leftist inquisitions? Damnit, I want a robe and a hot iron poker!

Something else happened, too. The tired, nagging voice of leftist feminism showed its dirty petticoats the first time that questioning ideological orthodoxy demanded decency. Bill Clinton -- if we are to believe the impassioned and credible tales of multiple women -- did not just have affairs. He intimidated women. He sent goons to stalk them. He took advantage of women at their weakest. And, very probably, Clinton savagely raped Juanita Broaddrick. The New Cleaning Ladies, the aging ward heelers of stale feminism, came in and mopped up all the evidence, showing credentials which confirmed them as semi-officially sanctioned representatives of women everywhere.

That paragraph literally makes no sense. I don't particularly remember anyone being happy that Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with an intern in the Oval Office, but "savagely raped"? I personally think the above paragraph exists purely to provide an excuse to put a Democratic leader and "savagely raped" in the same sentence.

When George W. Bush launched campaigns in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the strategic prudence of his crusade was the subject of fair review. The impact of these campaigns on women, however, was clear: Whoever else may have been liberated, women were magnificently liberated. The misogyny of Islam is a very old story, and radical Islam treats women worse than other versions. The explosion of crimes like honor killings in America and other parts of the West is ignored by the New Cleaning Ladies of old femi-leftistm. The nuttiest slanders of the Christian or the Jewish attitude toward women can be blown into a shrill shriek of horror by these old hags, but show them a girl subjected to "female circumcision" by enemies of America and its liberties, and the crones yawn.

No, we crones do not yawn at female genital mutilation. (Note, in fact, that the hags on the left call it what it is, rather than "circumcision".)

Also what women in Afghanistan were "magnificently liberated"? Afghanistan has the second highest maternal mortality rate in the world. As many as 90% of rural Afghani women have no access to health care at all. In fact, the average life expectancy for an Afghani woman is 44 years. (A mere 10 years older than I am.) The literacy rate for women in Afghanistan stands at half that of the men. Probably because 29% of the school districts have no schools for girls at all. Between 70 and 80% of Afghani women face forced marriages and there are 1,000,000 widows in Afghanistan.

Yeah, that's fucking magnificent all right.

The rest is a love letter to Palin, Coulter, et al., the quality of which was so poor, I can only assume he was fapping away while writing it.

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Reflections on a Church Going Past

If you've never regularly attended a Christian church (of any variety), then you don't know what time of year it is. If you have, you know that warmer weather heralds the annual Churchwear Debate, wherein followers of this guy:

James 2:5. Did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?

have a conniption fit about what is appropriate to wear to a church service. This is motivated by the fact that warmer weather encourages people to wear shorts, shorter skirts and tank tops, and you just can't worship god with exposed arms or legs. I've seen these posts from everybody from Catholics to Death Cult Fundys and reminds me of why my family stopped attending weekly Mass when I was 13.

We attended Mass every week, without fail, and then got a dozen doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts (or another doughnut shop depending on where we lived at the time, but I remember the DD box distinctly for some reason) on the way home. I, for one, was in it for the doughnuts. We were poor growing up. I didn't really appreciate how poor, other than to note that I couldn't get all the stuff my friends had: video games, toys, cool clothes, etc. Possibly most embarrassing to my mother was that she couldn't get Sunday Best for her children. Actually, after paying for the ridiculously expensive Catholic school and the equally expensive uniforms*, my mother didn't have a lot left over for other clothes.

So we went to Mass in the best we could put together, which mostly involved being clean. The old ladies would sniff as we sat ourselves in the back, and mean girls from school would point and giggle while wearing yet another new Sunday dress. We did not attend Mass on Easter Sunday because that was too much humiliation. Everyone else in a fancy new dress and a hat. I mean, a special hat to be worn once and replaced next year? Now that's wealthy!

Lest you think this is confined to Catholic communities (emphasis mine):

modest and clean and if you have any suits or other expensive modest clothing i would suggest to honor shorts,mini skirts,muscle shirts not too tight or too loose or any other clothing that's not appropriate to wear to a take anyway. the phrase "Sunday Best" still means a lot to me.

Yeah, it means a lot to me, too. It means that after a woman who inherited a fortune from her father lectured my mother on the meaning of "Sunday Best" we never had to go to Mass again, and the next year we started at public school. And then we had money for cool clothes.

*I don't know why those uniforms are supposed to sexy. It's an ill-fitting, below the knee jumper in an ugly plaid and an oxford shirt. Seriously, guys, wtf?

Where's Your Global Warming Now?

Yesterday was day two of freakishly high temps* in Northeastern PA. Over 90F (32C) in NEPA in May is bizarre. Well, it used to be bizarre. Now we get that sort of thing in April.

While I was trying not to melt last night, or just start crying from heat-induced crankiness, I thought about something. When it snows in February, climate change deniers are all over it. "Where's the global warming now?" they chortle, as if snow in February were somehow unusual, but when the temperature soars to well above normal, they never say a word.


*Just for fun, it'll go down to the 60s (around 18C) tomorrow, and then we'll all get sick. We've been doing this for 2 months now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Is This Not Happening to Me?!

You want proof there is no god? I have never been hugged by a baby sloth.

We've Got You- But Not for Long

I figured out where the Puritans went- they've become the Jehovah's Witnesses. (Whom I have seen on my front porch 4 times in the last 3 weeks. At some point I'm going to get cranky with them.)

Really, all that work to get you to join the club and you wouldn't believe the list of things you can be kicked out for! It pretty much boils down to "whatever you're doing immediately before you piss somebody off." Religions are wonderful for creating bizarre and numerous rules everyone will eventually break, aren't they?

Adultery (sexual intercourse with a person other than your marriage mate), includes;
  • abandoning wife and eloping with another woman
  • planned adultery to break Scriptural marriage ties
  • remarriage without Scriptural permission
  • polygamy
  • dating a person not legally divorced
Dating a person not yet legally divorced is most certainly not adultery. Also, is abandoning one's husband and eloping with another man acceptable?

Associating with disfellowshipped people including;
  • friends - ks91-E p.103, w81 9/15 pp.25-6, w55 10/1 p.607
  • family - ks91-E p.103
Was your mother kicked out? Your son, your twin sister, your dying uncle? Too bad, you can't ever see them again!

  • Blood and blood transfusions
  • Drug use
  • Drunkenness
  • Dishonest business practices
  • Employment violating Christian principles
    • working for any religious organization
    • working in a gambling institution
    • selling tobacco -
    • contract work at a military establishment
So, can you sell alcohol? Also, working for any religious organization? Doesn't someone work at the Watchtower?

Fornication it-
  • bestiality
  • incestuous marriage
  • artificial insemination
  • sexual abuse of children
One of these things is not like the other.

Greediness, this in used to include;
  • gambling ks91-E p.95
  • extortion ks91-E p.95, w89 1/15 22, it-1 p.789
  • greed in relation to bride-price: w98 9/15 p.25
Wait, what? Bride-price? O_o

  • Obscene speech
  • Parents condoning immorality
  • Political involvement, including voting or holding a political card in Malawi Therefore Jesus, knowing they were about to come and seize him to make him king, withdrew again into the mountain all alone.
  • Porneia. "It includes oral and anal sex or mutual masturbation between persons not married to each other, homosexuality, lesbianism, fornication, adultery, incest, and bestiality."
    • Uncleanness
      • sexually 'perverse' practices within marriage, such as oral and anal sex
      • heavy petting and breast fondling
      • touching of sexual parts
Fuck! I'm out! I'm guessing "parents condoning immorality" means not beating your gay child half to death. Porneia is a new one on me. Isn't lesbianism included in homosexuality? I also enjoy any list that puts masturbation on the same level as incest and bestiality. Ooo, and voting. That's of the Devil.

Also, how do they breed? Maybe that's why they have to recruit so heavily- if you can't touch sexual parts, you can't impregnate/be impregnated, and artificial insemination is out . . . so, no baby JWs. Brilliant!

Hey, maybe I could just tell the JW Grannies that keep visiting me that I "like fucking female donkeys while smoking cigarettes and playing blackjack in a voting booth." That should keep them away!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strawman, Strawman, Strawman- Poof! I'm Right!*

You know what's easier than logical argumentation involving research and facts? Illogical, emotional, inflammatory nonsense!

I recently listened again to an excellent speech that comedian and author Evan Sayet gave at a gathering of the Heritage Foundation. The speech, entitled "Hating What's Right: How the Modern Liberal Winds Up on the Wrong Side of Every Issue"reminded me of some salient points when looking at the ideology behind modern liberalism. (If you've never watched the speech, take a look at the end of the post.)

Referring to Allan Bloom's seminal work The Closing of the American Mind, Sayet reminds us of Bloom's observation that modern liberalism relies on the ideal of indiscriminateness in direct opposition to the liberal Satan of discrimination. As Bloom puts it, "indiscriminateness is a moral imperative"in the ideology of modern liberalism (pg. 30).

Modern liberalism finds discrimination, any form of discrimination, to be antithetical to modern liberal thought. We must not discriminate against race, we are morally compelled (by political correctness) not to discriminate against culture, lifestyle, moral behavior or indeed any action deemed ideologically pure.

Gee, did I not get the memo on ideological purity? The above is a load of nonsense flavored with sophistry. The English language is, at best, imprecise. "To discriminate" can mean a few things, some of them acceptable- she has discriminating taste- some of them unacceptable- they discriminate against minorities. Then there are things that could certainly be defined, loosely, as discrimination: refusing to hire a 3 time embezzler as your accountant, for example. No one would, in common parlance, refer to that as discrimination, but technically, the word is defined that way. All of which lends itself beautifully to sophistry, an artful play of language to obfuscate meaning and logic.

What Euripides is doing above is engaging in a such sophistry, blurring the line between acceptable and unacceptable, redefining the common parlance and generally obscuring meaning. I'll save you all an entire semester's worth of studying logical argumentation: If you have to redefine words to make your point, you don't have one. (See how good I am to you?)

So, what sorts of bigotry, oh, I'm sorry, let's just call it "roses", does Euripides wish to engage in? The usual.

Airport Security
Even though we know, we know, that a certain brand of young, male, Muslims are responsible for 9/11 and other airplane hijackings and terrorist activities, we must not discriminate, in fact we must be stupidly indiscriminate at airports, taking away rights from everyone during security checks in order to appear not to discriminate against any one.

Why do we do this? Besides the leftist moral imperative of indiscriminateness, we give up our rights so we might not hurt others' feelings or "profile" unsuspecting Muslims. In fact, we must become stupid in our indiscrimination.

Yeah. Because nobody but a Muslim man . . . um, what does a Muslim man look like, exactly? Muslim refers to a religion, not a race. It's not like they're all purple or something. Heck, I could become a Muslim right now. (I probably would if I got to be purple!) Oh, a "certain brand" of Muslim man. Ayrabs, you see. Which is kind of funny, because there are Afghani Muslims and they aren't . . . oh, never mind. We just need to stop searching white people at the airport. It's so obnoxious for blondie. (Seriously, take a look at his profile pic. If he gets any whiter, he'll glow.)

Never mind that racial profiling doesn't work. Why should reality get in the way of Euripides' roses?

Arizona Immigration
Speaking of racial profiling, the loud-mouthed leftists who jumped on the ideological bandwagon, lost no time at all in condemning Arizona's new immigration law because it failed the liberal test of indiscriminateness. Once again, liberals demand that we make ourselves stupid in order to avoid the Mortal Sin of discrimination.

Let's have no doubts, racial discrimination has indeed produced social and legal injustices. However, in their zeal for an indiscriminate society, leftist liberals would have us stupidly ignore illegal immigration or illegal activity in order to uphold an ideological belief instead of exercising common sense. We must be indiscriminate to the point of stupidity.

Nobody said that liberals want to ignore illegal immigration, Euripides. See, this is what we call a false dichotomy. Either we accept a flawed, bigoted law or we just throw open our borders and wait for everything to burn down. There are other options. Lots of them. But reasoned discussion doesn't allow you to call whole groups of people stupid!

Same Sex Marriage
The ultimate in indiscrimination is the leftists invented the ideal of same sex marriage or gay marriage. If discrimination is the Mortal Sin of modern society, then the ultimate discriminate conclusion is that there are any differences at all between men and women. The indiscriminate liberal logically concludes that if we must not discriminate, then we cannot discriminate between the sexes and hence, traditional marriage is a meaningless institution, destined only to become an indiscriminate union.

We must stupidly ignore the differences and complimentary nature of the sexes in order to support a redefinition of marriage to conform to the ideology based on indiscriminateness.

Considering that you completely redefined "marriage" to arrive at this point (marriage as it is today hasn't been around that long), I fail to see the issue here. Oh, and prove "complimentary nature of the sexes" without referencing NOM. Or the Book of Mormon. It's easy to win if you assume x is true and then move on to y and z, but we really should establish x first. Plus, TEH GHEY IZ BAD! isn't really logic.

Sex Education
According to modern liberal ideology, we cannot teach children not to have sex. That's discrimination. We must, instead, stupidly support an indiscriminate system that rewards children for their own indiscriminate sexual activity, despite any consequences of disease, pregnancy, or abortion. In fact, the system actually promotes the lack of self-control by removing, decriminalizing, and in the case of abortion, actively supporting the lack of consequences.

Dude, when could you ever teach children not to have sex? Srsly. My mother graduated high school in 1961. Girls were getting pregnant out of wedlock back then, too. It's nothing new. What I object to is people who have no knowledge of how their bodies work, how to prevent pregnancy, how to prevent the spread of disease going out and having sex anyway, cuz that's what they do. Abstinence only education led to a rise in teen pregnancy, asshat. You can't stop people from having sex, you can just make it more dangerous.

Modern liberals cannot understand other ideologies or moral systems, for the simple fact that the modern liberal ideology holds indiscriminateness as the Holy Grail of some fantastical utopian society. To comply with the moral imperative of indiscrimination, we must make ourselves stupid in order to comply with the moral imperative of liberal indiscriminateness.

None of the above is true, but strawmen are fun to set ablaze, I admit.

*h/t to [redacted]

I Have Touched Holy Water Before

This is so stupid I don't really need to snark on it.

POMPANO BEACH — Two teachers accused of sprinkling holy water onto an avowed atheist colleague have been removed from the classroom, and may be fired.

I'm not really sure what an "avowed atheist" is, but really? Holy water? Are atheists demons? Vampires? Just for the record, I have touched holy water since realizing I was an atheist. Nothing happened.

For the record, the accused claim that (a) it was perfume, and (b) it never happened.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One if by Land, Two if by Atheists

On the one hand, I kind of enjoy any article that portrays atheists as dangerous and frightening, because I am not frightening*. The average 10 year old is larger than me, and I can barely lift a 10 lb (4.54 kg) sack of potatoes, so the only way I'm going to be frightening is in someone's histrionic, atheophobic flight of fancy.

On the other hand, haven't we already got enough of this with blacks and immigrants and mooslins and gays? Do we really need to add anyone else to the list of minorities to get unreasonable about?

The new atheists are on the march. They’re in bookstores. They’re on television. They’re everywhere. But nowhere is their effect being felt more than on college campuses and by young people. So invasive is the new atheist movement that in many ways their outlook has become the default mainstream culture.

On the march . . . to bookstores and the teevee? What? And everywhere? We're around 5% of the population of the US. We are most certainly not everywhere, and certainly not in the "the call is coming from inside the house!" sort of everywhere. We are not "invasive", we live here. And the concept that atheism has become the default mainstream culture in a country where 75% identify as Christian is hilarious. Really.

For too long Christians have been a punch line for militant secularists. It’s time somebody punched back. And Mary Eberstadt’s new book “The Loser Letters” is an unexpected roundhouse to the new atheist movement. I read it last week and urge you to pick it up. (You can click on

“Christians are always at a moral disadvantage because we’re told to turn the other cheek,” said Eberstadt. “So there’s been a lot of playing defense. I’m trying to go on offense.”

She calls her book “apologetics for the Facebook generation.” And they need it.

Well, I don't know any "militant secularists" personally, do you? (I hear the uniforms are snazzy.) Also, um, if you are supposed to be turning the other cheek- I checked, it's still in the Bible- should you be Chuck Norrising all over anyone? Is the Bible your holy book you're supposed to be obeying or not? Honestly.

In an exclusive interview, Eberstadt said she’s not concerned that the new atheists are creating “an army of belligerent atheists. The ultimate danger is an army of ignorant secularists.”

Wtf is with the language here? In relation to atheists, so far, we have "militant", "army", "belligerent", "on the march", "invasive", "roundhouse", "offense" and "defense". Wow. Now that's some argument framing there. And really, I'm sick of the idea that one must have a freakin' PhD in theology to get by in the world. I'm sure she's not nearly so scared of the idea that while one billion people are Muslims, and we have terrible relations with the Muslim world overall, very few Americans have any clue what the basic precepts of Islam are. No, that wouldn't be useful at all. Never mind the fact that better than half of all atheists I know are far more knowledgeable about the Bible and Christian history than most Christians I know.

Eberstadt brilliantly defends the faith from radical New Atheism with wit and humor by telling the story of a young twenty something newly converted atheist with a rough history that unfolds throughout the book. Her attempts to iron out the problems she finds in atheism from the inside are devastating to the new atheist movement. Eberstadt is more than a match for Hitchens and Dawkins and their flying spaghetti monster.

And now I know what I need to know: get me a match, this book is an extended strawman. Neither Hitchens nor Dawkins came up with the FSM. (Never mind the fact that "newly converted atheist" is about the weirdest phrase I've seen in a while. Atheists self convert, nobody can do that for you.)

Eberstadt’s wit is so biting it might even make you feel sorry for the New Atheists. For one little moment anyway. But if you ask me, the New Atheists were asking for it. Never have such a humorless and self righteous crowd monopolized the cultural conversation. It’s high time someone started laughing at them.

Shorter: and they smell!

She says that biggest danger to not taking on the new atheist movement head on is not that atheists will necessarily convert everyone to atheism itself. She worries that it’ll have a “trickle down effect of being wishy washy Christians.”

Translation: they might actually start thinking about what they are believing and that's just death for fundamentalism!

The new atheists have pushed so hard to make people believe that all the big questions have been settled by Darwin and advanced scientific theories. To listen to them you’d think that anything else is simply superstition. She sees The Loser Letters as turning things around on them in a “ju-jitsu way” using their own theories and words against them.

Seriously? Ju-jitsu way? What? Also, no, atheists (I actually think she may mean scientists in this context) have not pushed hard to make anyone believe that all the big questions have been settled. Scientists are very honest about what they know and don't know. It's fundys who have every question answered: Goddidit.

In one sense the book mirrors what is going on in our culture and the damage secularism is doing, especially to young people. But it goes beyong diagnosing by supplying the much needed antidote of Christianity.

Wouldn't the Bible do that . . . oh, right, everyone already owns a Bible. Silly me.

“The Loser Letters” is a well deserved lampooning of the new atheism but done with humor and satire. But mind you, the book also packs an emotional punch. The final chapters where the narrator reveals herself more fully are heartbreaking yet, in the end, hopeful- which is really what Christianity is about.

And buying stuff. Buy more!

*Which probably explains exactly why I'm so thrilled at the thought of wandering around BlogHer as a genetically enhanced super soldier. With pointy ears! Join us!

I Didn't See Lost . . .

It's a long story, but no, I have not seen the finale, so I have to stay off the internet today. Meanwhile, enjoy Who Wants to be a Millionaire- Spartan Edition.

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There's Something I Have to Tell You

Remember, the best you can hope for is to be eaten first. So repeat after me:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Friday, May 21, 2010

By Definition

Sometimes the people at Rapture Ready worry me. Actually, a lot of the time they worry me, what with the death cult and the gun ownership and the tea partying and the gun ownership, but sometimes I worry very much for them, rather than about them.

Someone at work today mentioned to me that I seem sad, not like myself...uhh.....ya THINK!!!!!

Well, I don't generally talk to folks at work about my life.....but I did share a little with her that I am just really sick of the world, the folks in it, the job, etc...and she said that it might be helpful to talk to a Counselor.....I could not help but to laugh out loud, and then I imagined what that session might go like:

Counselor: So, tell me what is bothering you Mrs. Coco?
Me: Everything
C: Can you elaborate?
Me: NO
C: Well, I need to know what troubles you in order to help?
Me: I'm sick of this world , my job, where I live, people, everything, and tired of waiting on Jesus to come!
C: ...Well, do you want to change careers?
Me: Yes, I would like a new job in the Kingdom of Heaven.
C: ...Well, do you want to move to a new place?
Me: Yes, I would like to move into my Mansion that Jesus has prepared for me in Heaven.
C: ..Well, do you want to go out and meet new people?
Me: No, I would like to meet my BIC and SIC in Heaven.
C: (skips right over the Jesus question) Well, sounds to me like you are saying you don't want to be a part of this world anymore.
Me: You are a Genius!
C: ..Glad I could help!

Really, I would not even waste my time trying to explain to someone how I feel....let alone pay them to listen to me. That's why I come here and share my heart with you all. The secular world thinks expensive shrinks and drugs can solve everything. No doubt these things do help stabilize a lot of folks with various conditions. But truly, I tell you, I know EXACTLY what is wrong with me. It is not the blues, nor depression, nor PMS, nor a hormone imbalance, nor a rut. And working in an office full of non-believing women as they would it is not lack of a man ....I definitely DO NOT NEED that!!!!! But people want to put a label on whatever ails you figuring it can be cured or fixed. However, amongst many a Christian waiting so desperately for the Lord to sound the trump-- it can't be labeled, cured or fixed until the day of the Rapture.

I really hate the vomity emoticon. They use it a lot. Anyway, let's review what depression is:

Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.

So, depressed mood- check. Loss of interest and/or pleasure- check. Feelings of guilt and/or low self-worth- these people specialize in that. I have no idea about the last few symptoms, but yes, Cocopea, you are depressed. I'm actually sincerely worried about this woman.

Let me put it this way: suppose I said that my life sucks and I hate everyone in it and everything about it, so I'm going to try to find a way into the world of Girl Genius. That world is awesome! I'll make hats for Jägerkin and life will be grand! I can't wait!

I imagine that you would be a tiny bit concerned about me. As in, "PF has become completely delusional, we really ought to do something before she hurts someone."

Well, you're obviously not a good Christian, because nobody, not one person, does the responsible thing and advises this poor woman to get help. They just laud her for being depressed, mostly because they're all depressed, too. Depression is not a virtue, people!

I have been feeling the same way , especially the last few weeks. The world just doesn't get it.
We who believe, who have been doing our best to let them know that Jesus is Lord, that the last days are upon us, and there is so much more for them than this uglier by the day world, are being laughed at more and more.
A sadness for the lost has settled in me. They just won't listen to how ugly it's gonna get. My body is weary, my soul is vexed with this world. It is a weariness that will not shake off....

Or depression. Or a thyroid problem. Or a vitamin deficiency. Seriously, see a damn doctor!

No, they don't. I feel like no one really gets it except for some here.

Bologna fleeing the slicer.

I could have written that word for fact I am sure I have somewhere on this board....

I did not realize this Sunday is!

Yes, I can't wait to see Jesus coming in the clouds...also I have a favorite song about that, "In the sky"....I see him coming in the sky!....Sometimes when I am driving and listening to that song...I feel like if I did see Jesus coming, I would get out of my car and stand up on the roof of it and just start pointing and shouting...I see him coming in the sky!

I can tell you, in the past I have spent a lot of time lonely because I did not have anyone. Or, I felt alone gathered around folks that had someone....or the loneliness of being a single parent, even lonely in church...etc. etc......Like many here, I've experienced a lot of loneliness and even physically being alone...yet, I could often still go out in the world and fit in.....but never ever ever in my life....have I felt so totally alone because of what I believe, think and feel, and how I try and live, and what I desire most in my heart and soul.

Now I'm just sad.

I've been waiting for someone to write this...I was afraid it would be erased or the thread would be deleted.....oh, boy I have been sooooo excited and then....for some reason the last couple days....... I have been totally depressed!!! I too agree on all the above. all day yesterday and last night I stayed in my bedroom away from my family just DEPRESSED. It's like it's NEVER going to get here...the rapture...when will our DREAMS COME TRUE???


know what I mean??? It's like when you want something to eat and you can't satisfy yourself with anything you try. You still have that craving!!! well that craving is really, really, really BAD!! and knawling at my stomach and in my head. it's like my body wants it soooo desparately!

The best I can say to satisfy my hunger is....




I just want to hug you! And slap the person who introduced you to this belief.

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