Monday, November 23, 2009

Tell the Teabaggers Exactly What You Think

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(h/t to Hell's Senior Canadian Correspondent, Joe-ay)

Teabaggers mocked a grieving mother at a November 14 town hall meeting in Oak Lawn.

Mocked. A. Grieving. Mother.

The family, Dan and Midge Hough, of Chicago, spoke in favor of health care reform and in support of U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-3rd) at a Nov. 14 town hall meeting in Oak Lawn.

Their daughter-in-law, Jenny, and an unborn grandchild died recently due in part, they believe, to a lack of health insurance. They said Jenny was not receiving regular prenatal care and ended up in an emergency room with double pneumonia that developed into septic shock. Her baby died in the womb, and Jenny died a few weeks later, leaving behind a husband and a 2-year-old daughter.

Catherina Wojtowicz, of Chicago's Mount Greenwood community, an organizer for a Tea Party splinter group, Chicago Tea Party Patriots, falsely claimed that the Houghs fabricated their story. In an e-mail, she called them operatives of President Barack Obama who "go from event to event and (cry) the same story."

When the Houghs spoke at the Lipinski event, some Tea Partiers ridiculed them. They moaned and rolled their eyes and interrupted. Midge Hough began to cry.

I think we should all tell Catherina exactly what we think of her behavior, though I would prefer we all keep it polite. As much as I would like to tell her what a stupid fucking . . . fucking . . . teabagger* she is, I think we should stick with something more polite. And, if Catherina has the nerve to tell you that she thought the Houghs were "operatives", I think you should introduce her to the word "research", though not "fucking bitch". You should probably keep that one to yourself.

Catherina Wojtowicz
Chicago Tea Party Patriots
(312) 662 8666
Chicago Tea Patriots

*I will now accept "teabagger" as a worse obscenity than the "c word".


  1. I tried to use the e-mail address, but my message did not go through. I think, perhaps, this address is no longer valid.

  2. Glad you accepted me. We can schedule special reports whenever you like; as long as I get a few minutes’ notice to shave, though.

    Anyway. Yeah, considering all it means today (and that is, other than it being sexual slang), there really isn’t much viler a derogation than “teabagger”. Think about it: a teabagger is someone with no class, no sensibility, no reason, no intelligence, no education and no original thought in their empty heads. They are crude and crass, they are borderline traitors to their own country and people (advocating the removal-by-force of one’s President is just a notch below all-out treason in my book), they are dishonest liars, they spread vile propaganda, most of which concerns equating their well-intentioned president to Hitler, one of the most horrible genocidal monsters of all time, and their end-game seems to be overthrowing the government to impose their own brutal, hardlined theocracy.

    Really, I could go on, but you get the idea. There are few words that invoke such a nasty feeling these days as does “teabagger” … to me, at least.

  3. Aw, crap. And here they are making me ashamed of being a Chicagoan. Seriously, I thought the evil librul socialist machine run by the antichrist's minion Richard Daley was supposed to keep the true believers out of the city and suburbs ('cept Wheaton, of course...) and make it possible for the rest of us to enjoy our evil baby eating ways and forced homosexuality and whatnot...

    Although, I have to say, I'd rather be teabagged than be a Teabagger...

  4. 1) That's horrible. Really, really horrible.

    2) Why are they called Teabaggers? I'm from NZ and there's only one definition for teabagger/teabagging here.

  5. @Boganette:
    The rallies these cranks raise are called “tea parties”, after the famous Boston Tea Party (though my history’s sketchy). Some of them started dubbing themselves “teabaggers”, but that was before they actually realized what teabagging meant. Needless to say, they now shun the use of that particular term. Ha.

  6. Hahahaha! Oh wow that is awesome. They actually called themselves teabaggers? Brilliant!

  7. ..................

    i just - Septic shock is NOT A JOKE, people! it is NOT a fucking joke, and you *die*. i just -

    nonononononono. NO. N.O. this is not acceptable.

    i also find emails bouncing from that address :(

  8. Boganette:

    If you really want to know, I wrote about the teabaggers back in March. I accidentally predicted the whole "meeting to throw tea in nearby bodies of water" thing, too.

  9. Oh, because they care so much about the unborn babies.

  10. Let's see. On this blog you and some of your commenters routinely mock people with all kinds of ugly names and insinuations. But now all of a sudden you have scruples about it. Hmm. . .

    I agree that the mocking of this woman was horrible, nasty, ugly, etc. It is embarrassing that it was done by somebody who is supposedly on my "side" of things.

    I don't think that people in the tea party movement started to call themselves teabaggers. I believe some liberal "comedians" did so. I put the word in quotes, because I don't find most of them funny, just mean and nasty.

    Mr. McKen's comment shows just how deep the cultural divide is in the U. S. Do any of you realize that that is exactly and precisely how traditional Americans view YOU? The ultra-left are the ones transforming America into something that I do not even recognize. Sad, sad, sad!

  11. @Renaissance Guy:
    Are you honestly implying that we, the commenters on this blog (and people like us), are anything like these classless morons? If so, you are insane.

    Here’s a hint: yeah, we call them idiots and morons and claim (and honestly believe) that they have shit for brains in every sense but the strictly literal. But, um, we don’t equate them to a man and/or regime that exterminated 11 million civilians in one of the most bloody and horrific eras in human history. And when we claim that what they want is pure treason, that’s because it actually is. Unless for you, vying for the murder of the President and the overthrow of the government is perfectly fine.

    Now, kindly stop saying stupid shit. Thank you.

    (PS – It was both teabaggers themselves, and liberals, who dubbed them “teabaggers” in the beginning of the movement. Only later did the twits realize what teabagging actually meant, so they stopped using it.)

  12. Here's another hint, RG: We mock people for being dumbasses. These guys are mocking people for losing their daughter-in-law.

  13. See, Joe and Rebecca did exactly what I said in their responses to me. Did it ever occur to you that others consider you and people who think like you insane? Do you realize that some people consider you and people who think like you dumbasses.

    I'm not saying that I do. I don't talk like that or call people names. I'm merely saying that there are two sides to the story, and it is arrogant of you to presume to be absolutely right. As I said, it is exactly what you accuse those on the other side of doing.

  14. Once again, RG: These people are mocking a family for losing their daughter-in-law. It's not about their political beliefs or their religious beliefs. Even if we might disagree with people's criticism of our positions, we don't think it's beyond the pale for them to criticize. This is not criticism.


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