Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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I knew two things about Prop 8* passing in California: (1) antigay bigotry was going to get a huge boost, and (2) the Religious Right would be emboldened by their victory, and that would mean nothing good for the rest of us, gay or straight or whatever.

And lo, behold I am become a prophet . . . which is really going to crimp the whole atheism thing.

An Oklahoma state legislator plans to introduce an act that would make some divorces illegal.

Scheduled for introduction in the 2010 legislative session by state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, House Bill 2279 would restrict the "use of incompatibility as a ground for divorce" in Oklahoma.

The bill would not allow for divorce on the basis of incompatibility if:

There are living minor children of the marriage
The parties have been married 10 years or longer
Either party files a written objection to the granting of a divorce

They are feeling their oats, now aren't they? I'm not really sure why this bastion of marriage protection would limit herself this way. The 10 years or longer rule is particularly weird. And that last bit will result in bitter spouses maintaining a marriage they have no particular interest in purely to prevent other spouse from remarrying, which I'm pretty sure is not protecting marriage in any substantive way.

Hey, we allowed them to tell us who could marry, and now they've moved on to who can divorce. You do indeed reap what you sow.

*Prop 8 banned gay marriage in California. It was passed in 2008.


  1. Sally Kern. The same crazed nut who spawned that ludicrous “Proclamation of Morality”[*]. Just taking a look at that tripe will tell you all you need to know about her.

    I don’t really worry about this; the probability of a ban on divorce passing in this modern day and age, even with the number of crazies present, is slim at best and laughable at worst. I’d sleep soundly.

    [*] Old, archived, unmaintained blog. Sorry for the atrocious look.

  2. honestly, i said the same thing about prop 8. my fellow citizens have become a little . . . surprising to me of late.

  3. Yeah, well, gay marriage has always been a particularly volatile topic – legalized here, struck down there. It varies, and public opinion, whilst slowly but steadily rising in favor of it, can be remarkably … spread.

    But divorce is a whole other level of “don’t-you-fuckin’-touch-that”, IMO. Even the most religious couples would find it a good idea to be allowed to break up should the relationship fizzle out, or turn for the worse (ie. dislike or violence).

  4. I doubt it will pass. Unlike same-sex marriage, a ban on divorce would affects the rights of heterosexuals too significantly for them to actually pass it.

  5. Yeah, it's ridiculous. Might as well ask Americans to vote in favor of torturing people.

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  7. As Kern's core constituency - the religious right ignoramus - is statistically the most divorce-happy group, this proposed act should be rubbed in their faces when Kern wants to get re-elected.
    Hmm, there's something wrong with that, let me think...
    Ah yes. Unfortunately, the religious right ignoramus is also known to be the most self-righteous hypocritical being on the planet, so they'd gladly vote against their own interests if it's ideologically coercive. They love rallying behind (and under) authority figures more than anything. It never mattered if that person was a nitwit, as long as she had a Bible and a loud vioce.


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