Friday, January 29, 2010

My Head Went "Boink"

Oh, hell yeah

If I have learned anything in 34 years on the planet, it's that when people speak, they often say more about themselves than about whatever the subject of their speech is.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, in discussing gays in the military, proved my point in a way that is delicious.

Unless, of course, you are gifted with a disinterest in sex, period.

"Gifted"? What an . . . interesting choice of words, Mr. Perkins.

See, most of us consider our sex drives to be enjoyable. Occasionally annoying, sometimes inconvenient, but enjoyable. I mean, I don't know if it's the whole "women hit their peak around 36" thing or what, but lately I find myself wildly attracted to everyone from Naveen Andrews to the Living, Breathing Anthromorphization of Our Most Base Militaristic Drives, and inside my head has been quite a fun place.

No, I don't know what's wrong with me.

Of course, if I were finding myself attracted to women, and found homosexuality something to be ashamed of, I might also consider asexuality to be a gift. Just sayin'.

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  1. Seriously, he said that? You're lucky your head only went boink, mine exploded.

  2. But I think Paul was a closet self-hating gay also.

  3. Seconding BeamStalk. On both counts, but with the caveat that "gay" as a gender attraction didn't exist in those days...

    You have to have lived in that subculture to understand what he means. Basically, if you live in a culture where any sex outside of marriage is evil and any sexual drives outside of marriage are considered to be of the Devil, then lack of a sex drive for the unmarried is a gift from god. It means that whoever has that particular gift is more free to pursue the ministry without all of those genital-based concerns.

    It's weird, but it doesn't actually mean "closet homosexual." It's a statement that can actually be taken at face value.

    Although you really missed the funny by cutting that comment out of its larger context. The "gifted with disinterest" part came at the tail-end of an anti-gay polemic that indicated gays were only okay if they didn't care about sex.

    There's a term for that, Tony. It's called "asexual."

  4. hi, your welcome, yes, i agree with you. he is amazing. i'm sure you like his books. i'm busy these days because my exam is on 2 next weeks. sorry if i answer you late. i will write a new blog as soon as i took my exam.

  5. So, I'm straight. I'd love to be bisexual or gay (if only because I get more male attention than female attention) but the male form doesn't get me off. I've tried.

    That said, my sex drive is rather low. Which helps, since (as I said earlier) I get more male attention than female attention, and so I have dry spells of 5+ years between partners.

    For me, at least, my asexuality is kind of a gift, because it makes the dry spells easier to handle. I have friends who go crazy if 3 months have passed (and former girlfriends have gotten frustrated at my low drive - and when I'm with someone, I get frustrated at the low drive as well, because I'd like them to be happy, too). At the very least, I'm glad I'm not there.

    That said, I still enjoy sex, when it happens. So I guess I don't quite have a "disinterest"?

  6. lnxdr: I just wrote a blog post about this, because I have the same thing. Not a disinterest, just I don't need sex like other people do. It's how I'm made.


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