Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Question of Sin

My life's goal is to grab a sloth and run around with it.

I have to thank chris geiser. This simple post of his crystallized for me exactly how self contradictory and bizarre evangelical theology is on the subject of sin and salvation.

Abortion, euthanasia, murder, hatred, grudges, and calling someone a fool is just as bad as murder in God's eyes according to Matthew 5:21-22. How can a murderer enter heaven? Seriously? Why would God let a murderer into heaven? Once a person is labeled a murderer, they are always a murderer. Time does not forgive sins. Murder committed fifty years ago is still remembered by the Lord.

God is keeping tabs on evil deeds. God is also not bribed by evil men. Whoever is reading this and hates the Lord, look at your sins. God hates sin. Sin is breaking the Ten Commandments. God sends sinners to hell for their evil deeds. However, the Lord is also rich in mercy and has given mortal men a second chance at eternal life. John 3:16.

Why exactly would god be keeping a list and checking it twice? All that is required to get into heaven is belief. Nothing else. Once saved, always saved: believe in god, believe jesus died for your sins, sincerely and absolutely, for one second in your whole life and off to heaven you go. Live a life of goodness and sacrifice for your fellow man and burn for all eternity if you don't believe.

Jesus said to give all to the poor and you give nothing? Not a problem, you believe. Jesus said to love your neighbor and you spew hatred in his (gay/atheist/muslim) direction every day? Not a problem, you believe. Jesus said to be meek, to pray in private and you pray on the White House lawn for a Senator to die? No problem, you believe.

Sin is irrelevent. Sincerity is sovereign.


  1. It's Chris Greiser, you're lucky your brain didn't assplode from the sheer illogic that his posts normally contain!

    He has a real train wreck of a blog, doesn't he?

  2. It's almost as though Christians have invented a way to hoodwink God, and they're quite proud of it. At the Pearly Gates:

    Sinner: Yay, Heaven time! Lemme in!
    God: You're fucking with me right? After the shit you pulled when you were alive? I distinctly recall you wearing mixed fabrics, eating a cheeseburger and cursing your parents. Plus, you killed fourteen people in a murderous spree with a sniper rifle. No way are you getting in here.
    Sinner*pulls out small card*: See this?
    God: Yeah, so?
    Sinner: This, my so-called omniscient friend, is my get-out-of-Hell free card. On this small card is a version of the Sinner's Prayer, which I said, with great sincerity, back when I was twelve. You can't touch me.
    God: But... the killing? The mixed fabrics? You broke the RULES!
    Sinner: In your face, beatch.
    God: Crap.

  3. I'm planning to convert on my deathbed. That way I get the best of both worlds: guilt-free sinning here, and pie in the sky when I die. What can I lose?

  4. The Bible does NOT teach that all you have to do is believe or else that would have been the only commandment given. I don't know where any Christian would get off thinking that. For example, in Mark 10 a rich man asks Jesus how he can inherit eternal life. Jesus does not answer "Just believe in me". He tells the man to sell everything he has, give to the poor, take up his cross and follow Him.


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