Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's So Hard for a White Man to Get Ahead

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George Picard (-25,000,000 points for making me associate you with Sir Patrick Stewart) at American Thinker wrote a much needed article about how hard it is for the white man to get ahead in this new America, with its racist President.

The administration and Congress have passed policies clearly based on favoritism. They have further appointed, approved, and empowered key officials who have displayed a strong desire to benefit African-Americans over the interests of all Americans.

He never really addresses why Obama might do this, other than the implication that Obama is BLACK, so he hates whitey. You know, like his mother. And the grandparents who raised him. Also.

There are two ways this agenda has been promoted: steps that have a disparate impact in favor of African-Americans, and those that are designed to specifically favor African-Americans (disparate treatment).

Disparate impacts are outcomes that benefit African-Americans because they are compose a higher proportion of a particular group. These include:

efforts to gut the workfare requirement that was the signature achievement of Bill Clinton in the area of welfare reform;

giving a blank check to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Authority to expand home "ownership" among lower-income people and income redistribution on a massive scale (via tax hikes and stimulus bills -- and by the way, stimulus views vary by race, with African-Americans far more in favor of it than whites, Hispanics, or Native Americans); and
health care "reform" (including expanding the ranks of those who qualify for Medicaid) despite all the polls showing that most Americans are happy with their own medical care and do not want the intrusion of government, the massive deficits, and the tax increases that will come with such "reform."

Because African-Americans make up a high proportion of the disadvantaged, they will disproportionally benefit. This is an agenda at work.

Don't believe me? Listen to Barack Obama when he spoke to a friendly crowd of minority journalists in 2008 about why he favored universal care:

If we have a program, for example, of universal health care, that will disproportionately affect people of color, because they're disproportionately uninsured.

That sound you hear? That's me, beating my head against my desk. According to Mr. Picard, it is racism to help the poor, because such a high percentage of the poor are minorities.

I don't even know what to say about that. Helping people get health care is racist, because the people without health care are overwhelmingly minorities? Whom else should we help? The people that don't need it? That doesn't even make sense.


  1. PF,

    I don't know how you do it - I really don't. Every time I think you've found an article that leaves me speechless, you find another one that somehow makes me more speechless; like I'm actually extracting words out of the air or something.

    BTW, I hear that Obama is also showing favouritism towards kids. He thinks that education is very important and - did you know - most people in schools are kids, so they're clearly going to benefit more from education that 'regular' Americans (such as Mr. Picard, who desperately needs some). Shocking stuff!

  2. It is about time someone spoke up for the poor repressed minority that I belong too. We white males have been persecuted for far too long. It was very brave for Mr. Picard to write this in the face of all the oppression he receives and sees everyday.

    For instance just look at what is happening to education in Texas. Fucking multiculturalism!!! Giving undo credit to minorities and their roles in US history! This cannot stand, more brave men need to speak up now!

  3. I hear they even let transgender citizens be appointed to important offices. Where will this lead? This favoritism towards people who a) need help and b) are qualified can only lead to the downfall of the Greatest Nation On Earth(tm) (or the Republican party, whichever comes first)

  4. How are measures to help the poor racist against white people, when there are far and away more white people living in poverty in the US than people of color?

    In fact, it's kind of racist and totally ignorant to assume wealth redistribution policies only favor people of color.


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