Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Plan Is Now Live

I forgot to add:

anonymous, the hacker group, is attempting to end the plutocracy. as of right now, they are demanding the resignation of ben bernanke. they have made it clear they are devoted to nonviolence civil disobedience (hacking, i suppose), but they're sick of the poor getting curb stomped by the rich.

so am I.

I just snapped when I saw the GOP presidential primary debate and watched those fucks play the limbo with corporate tax rates. then it gets to Bachmann and she's all "not only will i get corporate tax rates down to 9%, i'll make sure that the 47% of citizens that don't pay taxes at all pay 10% across the board."

That's me. Bitch thinks i can do without 10% of my income while walmart need give up only 9% of theirs. that night, i pretended i wasn't that hungry so there would be enough dinner for me and my husband and his mom.

i am done.


  1. I skipped ahead past the dreary intro. And then stopped watching when I realized they couldn’t even write their own speech without lifting it almost verbatim from V For Vendetta. (I understand inspiration and homages, but this is just too blatant.)

    Color me apathetic, but this is distinctly … unimpressive. Yeah, there are problems, but unlike in movies, it’ll take more than one anarchist group and a few pseudo-inspirational (and mostly plagiarized) speeches to motivate the masses into any sort of a revolution.

    Wake me when governments start tumbling.

  2. "i am done."

    I hope you don't mean this literally PF. I <3 this blog. Here, turn off the news/news sites and I'll send a clone of the Dalai Lama around to give you a hug (I got a hair sample when he was in Brisbane last week).

    As for the GOP presidential candidates, I wouldn't worrry: the GOP aren't getting back in this election cycle. Obama hasn't done much these last few years, but that's actually an advantage: he won by a heck of a landslide last time and historically victories like that result in two-cycle terms unless the figurehead president does something stupid. And all the stupid recently has been rather politically one-sided. And even if they could get in, the saner republicans are not going to put up the worst of the wingnut candidates.

    (Kinda sad I know more about American politics than Australian, but down here we accept the cynical reality: all politicians are as bad as each other and the only thing to do is lock em up the moment they're elected)

    I don't think Anon can do much realistically, but they are sure as all hell not a powerless group. Combine an unknown expert hacker or two, enough less-experienced hackers to perform simpler attacks like DDoS and SQL Injection any time they want, Wikileaks, a hell of a cause that anyone can join, and no tracability, and there are some higher-ups who are going to find secrets they don't want out floating around in the public sphere. More info is good info.

  3. Joé;

    i don't think that Anon can take over the world.
    i don't think that they're trying to.

    i think that they're just doing the same thing that the writer of V was doing - trying to make people THINK and SEE. and if they have to lift wholesale because they don't have anyone who can write...

    hrm. maybe i should volunteer. or get PF to do it - she's more able to separate her personal situation from -- no that's not how to say it. she's able to use her personal situation to illuminate systemic problems WITHOUT coming across as either self-centered or "whiny", and she's MUCH better at it than i am. over all, we probably write at about the same level, but i can't get the distance from me right, like she can.

    seriously PF: you should volunteer. i'll help you do it, if you want - i know i have more free time than you do [less, now that i'm being invaded every fucking day of the week to be tortured... but still more than you]. between the two of us, we HAVE to be able to write better - or at least more original - stuff!

  4. People like Bachmann make me wanna puke.

    And barrage them with a bunch of Bible quotes about sharing with those who are in need, and how futile it is to collect riches on earth, and how the love of money is the root of all evil, and you can't love God if you don't love your brother... I almost unleashed it here, before realizing it's the wrong audience.

    And I'm not even the target of their vile spewings against the poor. I'm lucky enough to have a well-paying job and live comfortably. I can only try to imagine how hard it must hit for those who are actually poor.


    Also, I agree with Quasar: I hope you won't stop blogging, PF! You're such a talented and funny writer. May the cosmic forces (God or the gods or natural law or coincidence or whatever, I don't care as long as it happens) decide to give you a break from illness and poverty soon!

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