Friday, June 10, 2011

I May, in Fact, Be Mocking Armless Children

You know, I'm not opposed to people raising their children within their belief systems, even if those belief systems are seriously whacky. (Really, I don't see how you could avoid it.) I do have a problem with people raising their children in a way that's going to seriously handicap them if they ever, you know, grow up and have to interact with the rest of us. That's just mean.

For example:

my girls are being taught to EXPECT the boy to open the door ( and likewise my boys are being taught to open the door).

Wow. Yeah, see, that's not going to work out well if they ever have to visit pretty much anywhere. I mean, if I refused to open a door myself and just waited around for someone with a penis to do so for me, I'd never get into my own house.

Are these children armless? Because otherwise, that's just atrocious. Think of the message being sent here: Honey, yes, boys can go anywhere they want to go, but girls can only go somewhere with a boy, because she can't open doors. Yes, I know you have arms, but you are not supposed to use them. What? Because you have a vagina, that's why! Stop questioning mommy and stand out here in the hail until some man comes by to open the door for us.


although the following comment to the post may actually be the holy grail of what the fuckery unrelated to trolling:

To think that for all of history women wore long dresses until about the 1920s. They didn't shave. I've met women who have had problems due to shaving. One women told me she needed surgery due to shaving the underarms(ingrown hairs) and a doctor told me he had a patient who died due to a cyst infection from shaving(his nurse said an old razor was probably used). I was watching an old silent movie on tv(if it was up to me we wouldn't have one-I should have listened to Mary Pride and David Wilkerson years ago). Anyway,in the silent movie the older women wore dresses that covered the ankles and the younger women wore dresses that were just above the ankles. Then I did a study a few years ago, on the fashion industry and when women started wearing pants(Hollywood was involved again). All I know is the law says I have to register my sons 30 days after their 18th birthday for the Selective Service(the Post Office has the paperwork)-women are now taxpayers,I hope they won't have to register in the future. I tell my daughters-in-law and daughter to please let my granddaughters have long hair,as well.

So, to translate:

1. shaving is prevented by long dresses
2. shaving kills
3. ankles
4. pants
6. taxes
7. women need long hair.

I . . . well . . . somehow I don't think it's the misogyny that's the problem for that woman's children.


  1. So, this one, time, I was working an event at which Paris Hilton was the big star. When she arrived she did the step-and-repeat thing for the horde of photographers who had literally showed up just to take pictures of her (as in, not of anyone else). Once she was done with that, she whisked over to the door with Kim Kardashian at her side (this was pre-KK's celebrity) and literally (not figuratively, you understand, literally) stood in front of the door until a security guy was able to get over and open it. It wasn't that big of a pause where she looked bizarre doing it (heaven forbid!), but she literally. just. stood there.

    Then she and Kim breezed by me up the stairs to the event, Paris huffing, "God, that was so anNOYing!" Yes, dear, it must have been very annoying for you to talk to some media types so that the perfume you're here promoting will sell better and make you more money. I weep for you annoying that must be for you.

    Anyway, my point is, I don't think it was her vagina that kept her from opening the door. I think it was her douchebaggery. But I might be wrong.

  2. Apparently the quoted blogger does not realize that females have been removing their hair for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians did so. Hell, the Merkin dates to about 1450!

  3. you don't scream FEMALE when you slap on a pair of jeans and a tshirt. as a matter of fact, from a distance someone might not be able to tell you are a female

    Oh, the horror! That would be terrible!

    Damn, I kinda detest having started to get almost completely bald at 18, I miss having long hair sometimes. I was mistaken for a girl occasionally in my youth due to it. Funniest time: We were in a shop. The shopkeeper mistook me for a girl and my classmate for a boy because of her short hair. Hilarity ensued.

    God created woman to be , well, womanly. that doesn't mean you dress in a sexy or show-offy way but rather that you signify the differences between you and the males of this world.

    Of course, you're only alive to be womanly. But don't you dare to show off or be sexy.
    I do find it ironic that she has an awesome victorian goth style dress in her post, though.
    To me, that just screams sexy. I have a fondness for some goth fashion styles. ;-) Fucking unemployment, I wish I could be in Leipzig at the WGT right now.


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