Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Fixed Earth Guy Gets Crazier

Yeah, I know, who would have thought that possible?

Read my first post on the fixed earthers for background. They're crazy fun! (emphasis on crazy)
The level of outright fraud employed in the fabrication of this computer programmed virtual reality simulation of a video game universe (which is now accepted as "science" world wide!) makes all other scams ever concocted pale in comparison.
ummmm . . . we live in a computer programmed virtual reality? Why didn't I get the memo? And, if I play a video game while already in a video game, do I automatically achieve zen?

I'm really quite put out by this. I do want to live in a video game, but not this one. This one sucks. I spend way too much time doing mundane, boring tasks and not enough time killing zombies and saving the world. Why couldn't I live in say, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion or Fable 2? At the least Fallout 3 or Gears of War 2 would be more fun. Significantly more dangerous, but more fun. (I only want to live in Gears 2 if I am a character with a face. The Carmine brothers have proven that wearing a helmet is a death sentence in the Gears universe.)

Oh, wait, he has "proof" of this.

In keeping with modern man's proclivity to solve all his problems and achieve all his goals by using evermore cutting-edge technology, NASA stands out as a recognized leader. The new technology with which the NASAesque dream of administering the coup de grace to Bible credibility centers on the mind-fooling, hyper-deceptive technology of "Virtual Reality" (VR). This VR technology--virtually unknown before 1989--entered the 3rd millennium flexing its muscles and eager to carry out NASA's mission to remove God from the Origins business.
On the Net, Chris Chesher has posted an excellent summary of the birth and early growth of the VR phenomena (entitled: "Colonizing Virtual Reality"). NASA became an enthusiastic prime mover in developing the VR technology from the beginning. The reasons for NASA's embrace of VR are not hard to grasp in light of the stated goals of its "Origins Program". (See: NASA's Agenda....
First of all, I wouldn't say that NASA is the pinnacle of scientific acheivment in the 21st Century. They're cool and all, but not the pinnacle. I am voting for Apple, personally.

I was completely unaware that NASA's mission was to remove God from the Origin. I thought the North American Space Administration's missions had something to do with, I dunno, space? Oh, wait, that's right. From space, one can easily see that the earth does rotate and is not the center of a 200 mile wide universe. And that's NASA's fault.

I really cannot grasp why NASA's supposed goals would be served by VR. Wait! NASA has scientists. Scientists are atheists/communists/JEWS! and JEWS! are well known to be . . . extreme gamers?

Here's some info that helps in this situation. Word salad is a mixture of seemingly meaningful words that together signify nothing; the term originated as the common name for schizophasia, a symptom of various mental illnesses. It all makes sense now.

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