Thursday, November 13, 2008

Racism Makes You Stupid

Really, really stupid.

(Note to the GOP: your "core constituents" are blantant racists. This is why you lost the election. Even voters who are secretly racist don't want to be associated with you, because now you represent shouting-terrorist-at-rallies-and-calling-innocent-camermen-n****r-racists. nobody likes to be associated with that.)

Here is an article called: The Day My Country Died.

Which leads me to the question: are we in heaven now, or hell? It's not great, so it's not heaven, but it's not any worse than before, so it's not hell . . . the Catholics were right! We're in purgatory! Welcome to the next 10 million years of your existence.

I write this letter with a heart heavy beyond words. I am almost half a century old and have cried for my country only twice in my life. The first time was during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The second time was on Nov. 4, 2008, when Hussein Obama won the presidential election. Of those two times, the latter was by far more disturbing and depressing. It will also prove to be more damaging to America. In this instance, "Hussein Obama" becomes racist, because Obama calls himself firstname followed by lastname: Barack Obama. Trent Reznor, on the other hand, calls himself middlename followed by lastname. His first name is Michael. In this case, however, we are emphasizing the evil, MUSLIMTERRORIST! name, which makes this racist.

A black MUSLIMTERRORIST man elected president is worse than the thousands of deaths of September 11? That's just offensive to everything: the truth, history, logic, brains, blacks, muslims, me. Firemen and policemen lost their lives desperately trying to save those trapped in the buildings. Innocent travelers sacrificed their lives to save the White House. I watched, on live television, people throw themselves out of windows to escape being burned alive. Tears are now rolling down my cheeks as I remember one couple holding hands as they fell the hundreds of feet to the concrete.

They lost touch a few feet above the ground. I hope they weren't as afraid at the end of that fall as I was watching it. I hope their love gave them some comfort at the end.

My tears to turn to rage as I reread this man comparing Obama's presidency to that.

You racist fuck.

100 racism points.

I cast my vote for the Constitution Party that morning, went to work and then came home praying that perhaps Obama would not win. I am not one who is deluded by the false argument of voting for the lesser of two evils, hence my vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. However, that does not mean I did not understand clearly that while McCain would be bad for the country, Obama would be far worse. So, you stupid racist fuck, you cast a vote you knew wouldn't do any good, out of some ridiculous principle that "i'm not voting the way you want me to" and now you want to complain? Do you get how this works?

So, I decided to attend a concert in downtown Chicago to get my mind off the election. By the time I left for the concert, the writing was on the wall. Obama was far ahead in several battleground states. I reasoned that since even the bravest soldier will tend to shut his eyes if only for a moment to block out the horrors of war, surely no one would blame me for closing my mind for an hour or two against the horrors of the election reality. Indeed, the lead singer of the band admonished us to let go of everything else, forget our worries and the election specifically, and just enjoy ourselves for that short time. I tried to block it out, but my mind kept wandering to the mythological story of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Indeed, I sent a text message (tinged with guilt) to a good friend after the concert, saying, "I was attending a concert while my country died."

That sound you hear is my brain screaming as it tries to die. You are comparing a soldier- closing his eyes to shut out the blood, the broken bodies, some of them too small to be anything but children, the flames and the pain- to going to a concert on election day? Just drink that in for a moment.

now, now, take the fork away from your eyes.

BTW, Nero was crazy. The apocryphal story of Nero fiddling while Rome burned wasn't a story about enjoying yourself while others suffer, it was a story about a crazy guy unable to understand the suffering of others. Although, you may have inadvertantly made my point for me with this one. Good job.

The Obama rally was still in full swing not far from the concert hall, and yet there was an uneasy, unnatural quiet in the air. It was a feeling similar to that which comes after a death, or after a tragedy or carnage.

Yes, people, especially black people, on the verge of triumph, on the verge of throwing off the shackles of hatred and achieving the preacher's dream, are just like death and unnatural tragedy. Just like that.

It was as if the world had changed in those two hours while I was secluded in the concert hall. It no longer felt like America. It was like being in a foreign country where people have different values, different perceptions, different lifestyles. I felt alien for the first time in my life. I felt nothing but anger, disappointment and contempt for so many of my fellow Americans who voted for and elected a socialist enigma for reasons I cannot possibly comprehend.

A foreign country with different values, perceptions and lifestyles. Yes, people from other countries do have different perceptions and lifestyles. It's one of the joys of life that everyone is not the same. Values, though? I think not. In the end, all of us, white, black, jewish, christian, muslim, atheist, have the same values. We all just want to get by. We all eat and drink and sleep. We all love our children. Not to this guy. To this ignorant, racist fuck, muslims might as well be aliens from another galaxy, inscrutable, unknowable, enigmas.

I'm not addressing "socialist" or "enigma". Or maybe I am. All government is socialist to some degree. The definition of socialism is to take money from some people and give it to others. This is exactly what all governments do. I pay taxes. Those taxes go to build schools, maintain roads and fund programs, all of which I may never use. This concept is called "the greater good". Though I don't have kids, and therefore get nothing out of funding schools, I understand that an educated populace is good, and benefits me, if indirectly. Apparently, this asshole doesn't care if the average citizen can read. I have to say, if I were writing this kind of racist bullshit, I wouldn't want people to be able to read, either.

"Enigma"? Obama was on the campaign trail for almost 2 years. I know stuff about his childhood I have no business knowing. Heck, at this point, I think I know Obama better than I know my best friend. That's like calling Paris Hilton, whom I can watch having sex any time I want, a mystery.

The Republican Party was so relaxed and laid back about the whole affair (despite all the under-reported fraud issues on the other side) and rolled over so easily that it was as if they were accomplices in this sin against God and country. I actually felt physically nauseated. I felt much the same as I have in recent years immediately following the death of beloved family members, only this time I was mourning an entire country and way of life, as well as my own faith in our system.

If constant negative campaigning is relaxed, what would this guy call an effort? If calling Obama a MUSLIMTERRORIST!SOCIALIST!HE'sBLACK at every opportunity is rolling over, what does racistfuck(tm) think the Republiscum should have done? Hired an assassin? Filmed a lookalike having an orgy with goats and midgets? What? WHAT? (My brain is screaming again.)

And yes, McCain winning would have felt like my mom dying. Just like that. If I really didn't care about my mom. Sure.

What is most disconcerting now is listening to fools babble on about how "historic" the moment was, in a manner that serves only to expose their ignorance. Historic? Yes, in the same manner that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were "historic." Not something sane people celebrate. It feels as if a great percentage of the population have collectively lost their minds.

The first black president is historic. By definition it makes history. History is the story of firsts and mosts and leasts. Same old, same old isn't historic. "On this date in 1908, everything was exactly the same as it is today. Isn't that something?" He probably does have one thing right. I'm sure racistfucks(tm) didn't feel like celebrating the breaking of racial barriers. They liked those barriers, damnit!

The rest is young people suck blahblahblah nobody loves this country like a racistfuck(tm) blahblahblah support the Constitution Party blahblahblah I have now painted all members of the Constitution Party as racistfucks(tm) blahblahblah Bob from Chicago.

Everyone named Bob in Chicago should consider changing their name to Hussein. It'll probably work out better for you.

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