Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Says Palin Informed

It's finally happened: Rush Limbaugh has lost his final toehold on reality. We all saw this coming. It's not like he was really living here with the rest of us to begin with. (I wonder if he was a bombastic, egomaniacal child? Yet another reason I don't have kids.)

The following defense of Sarah Palin is priceless. It makes me wonder if he is thinking of someone else. Does he know some other Sarah Palin who is intelligent and educated and informed? Seriously, if my name were Sarah Palin, I would start using my middle name.

CALLER: Okay. My question... Well actually, before my question, I went to a McCain rally here in North Carolina, and a Palin rally otherwise known as a hate rally, two McCain rallies and one Palin rally so then I bought a sweater and a pair of jeans, and then two sweaters and another pair of jeans . . . and there were so many more people to see Palin than there was McCain yeah, hate rallies always were popular. And she has energized in my mind the base, the conservative base, like, "Hey, this is awesome!" and then I saw Miley Cyrus, and I was like, She's awesome! And, you know, a lot of people like me -- I'm 31 years old, a conservative -- we're thinking, "You know, Obama is in, but, hey, we had to go through Carter to get Reagan." There's a reason it's called "voodoo economics" These idiots always go on about Reagen being the greatest thing since the Republican party invented sunshine, why? The guy was far gone into Alzheimer's for his second term and this is their hero? It's very sad he was ill, and not his fault, but he should not have been President at that point. So I'm thinking we have to go through Obama to get Palin, unless Obama starts barbecueing puppies on the front lawn of the White House, unlikely but my question to you is: Why are all these Republicans out there, why don't they like her?

Seriously? This guy doesn't know why people don't like Palin? Let me count the ways: Ignorance, Arrogance, Hate Mongering, Complete lack of understanding of the position she was running for (the VP does NOT run the Senate). Palin wouldn't stand on the same stage as to Republicans who vote prochoice. How the hell was she supposed to fix the mess this country is in if she won't even stand next to people who disagree with her? How would she have dealt with foreign leaders if she can't make nice with USian leaders? It's insane.

RUSH: A-ha. A-ha. Okay, I want you to listen very carefully to this. Don't worry, Rush, we're all ears. It's a long answer that I'm going to try to make very brief. Not really. In the first place, when you say, "Why don't Republicans like her?" there's a whole bunch of different kinds of Republicans now. This is true. What comes next isn't. Like there's you and me, and we're conservative Republicans. Because liberal republican is a contradiction in terms. But we also have to deal with liberal and moderate or Rockefeller Republicans in our party. What was that, oxymorons on parade? So the party has lost its primary identity: strong national defense, tax cuts, smaller government. It's lost its identity. It doesn't believe smaller government is possible. The Republican Party has too many people who want the government to grow. Just spend the money on different groups of people in different ways in order to get votes. It's called liberalism lite. Nos, Rush, that's not the problem. The problem is the party has gone from the Buckleys of the world, intelligent, informed, passionate, to the Palins of the world, ignorant, bigoted, fundamentalists. The Republican party has been hijacked by anti-intellectual religious zealots. They want to turn our country into a theocracy, and have every university teach young earth creationsim. (see: Huckabee) They believe that prior to 1960 there was no premarital sex, no STDs, no teen pregnancy, no divorce, no abortion. In 1945, 90% of women had had premarital sex. Syphillis has been around forever. And my grandparents were married when my mother was born, but my grandmother was 17 and my mother was supposedly 3 months premature. Yeah, right. As for abortion, there were tens of thousands of abortions a year prior to Roe v. Wade, but because they were illegal, they frequently resulted in infection, sterility or death. (No matter what the prolifers say, abortion today is safer than pregnancy and childbirth, your only other option.)

They're calling it redefine conservatism. Sarah Palin makes them nervous because of precisely what you cited. She inspired and revved up a Republican Party to shout "n**ger" at a random black cameraman. Not something to be proud of . But there are people in the Republican Party who don't want it to stand for the things that she stands for. You'd think the Obama election would have taught everyone that standing for anti-intellectual religious zealoutry is a losing proposition. Guess not. I think her effectiveness is making her a target.

The Drive-By Media Anderson Cooper in a Ferrari! and the Democrat Party are also not fond of her no, Rush, we love her. We deperately want her to run in 2012. It went so well this time around., and they're doing everything they can to make her appear to be the face of the Republican Party, because they think most of the country despises her, too, based on exit polls. Did you just say that you love Sarah Palin? Yes. So why don't you want her to be the face of the party? Does Rush even listen to the words that come out of his mouth? You know, Barbara Walters in the interview I did with her last week asked, "You like Palin?"

I said, "I absolutely do." I said, "I think she was great." I said, "Why don't you like her?"

"She was uninformed," Barbara Walters said I'm guessing Barbara was thinking what I think about Palin. Almost 50 years of feminism and this dizzy bitch makes us all look bad. Thanks for setting us back 20 years, Palin, and a light went off in my head, because there is the template. The one interview she did with Katie Couric and they've all decided she's an idiot and she's uninformed. It wasn't just that one interview, Rush. The debate and every subsequent interview and her rallies proved her ignorance and bigotry. She couldn't open her mouth without making herself look bad. They do not know that there were people in the McCain campaign trying to sabotage her Yeah, sure. The McCain campaign was sabotaging THEIR OWN CANDIDATE. Hello? and that she was under tight controls, and she finally wanted to bust out unfortunate imagry and be who she is an ignorant, zealous bigot. Those of us that pay attention saw enough of who she is to realize that she is incredibly valuable to the conservative cause and the Republican Party going forward. *giggles and rubs hands together with glee* But to those that don't like her it's simply because of that, Tim, she's effective and she threatens the old boy network. Yeah, that's what it is. I resent her threatening the old boy netword. Because, as a 32 year old woman, I'm deeply invested in the old boy network. It's not a gender thing. True. She threatens the old boy network, but I'm telling you this is a fundamental thing to understand.

We can talk about Obama all we want here, and we can try to educate people as to what's coming down the pike. Health care for everyone! Soldiers out of Iraq! But one of the larger battles we have before we even talk about trying to defeat Obama again is defining who we are as a political party, because there is a huge battle going on. True. Try to pry the anti-intellectual religious zealots out of there, Rush. Good luck with that. There are so many factions of the Republican Party now, and many of them are gutless. How do they eat? Many of them, when they get to Washington, after being elected, go wobbly, they turn moderate because they think that's what you have to be to get along. We just ran a presidential campaign based on being moderate and reaching out to all these liberal Democrat voters, thinking that's the only way we can win, ignoring the blueprint for landslide victory. Yeah, McCain was so middle of the road. Yup. We got people who think we need to rerun this campaign over and over again. We gotta get rid of our conservative ideology. Arnold Schwarzenegger says we've gotta drop conservatism from the Republican Party. If the Arnold means religious zealoutry he's right. We've got our conservative intelligentsia wise men, these people in the media who also think that the worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party is to listen to me. Rush apparently doesn' learn from history. He is doomed to repeat it. So Tim, I'm telling you, we have a huge battle to define -- and the Republican Party is it because that's the only party that's going to oppose Democrats, well, duh, we have a two party system. and there's going to be a big battle for control of it. In many ways it's subtly already started, and it's going to intensify once next year gets going and Obama's actually inaugurated.


I'm beginning to wonder if even Rush believes his own bullshit.

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