Monday, November 24, 2008

Calling Rush Limbaugh for Spiritual Advice

subtitle: If you didn't hear about Obama's baby-killing ways, you were in a coma for the last year.

RUSH: Terri in Charlotte, North Carolina, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I'm so happy and nervous to talk to you. Yeah, I'd be nervous to talk to Rush, too. Of course, I'd be worried about having a stroke or a seizure out of pure, unadulterated hatred, but yeah, nervous.

RUSH: Don't be nervous. Don't be nervous. I bet vampires say this, too.

CALLER: I have a question for you. I know you're not a spiritual advisor, but perhaps you can help me out. *7up spewed all over my screen at this point* When I found out that the majority of Catholics voted for Obama I've had trouble as a Catholic attending church without some animosity toward my fellow parishioners. This woman wants Rush to help her feel less hateful? lollerskatz! Besides, which fellow parishioners is she hating? How does she know who voted McCain, who voted Obama and who didn't vote at all? Is she just resenting everyone? This lady has some serious issues if she is walking into church on Sunday, and her first thought is, "I don't know which one of you did it, but I hate you all." And I was wondering if you had any advice as to, you know... the name of a good psychiatrist?

RUSH: Yeah, I do.


RUSH: I'm not a spiritual advisor, nor am I a spiritual counselor, but you can't control what they do anyway and as such you should not let anything they do make you feel, I mean, it's going to make you feel sad or unhappy but it shouldn't ruin your day. It's their life that they're toying with, not yours. They haven't messed with your values. They didn't. This is, and I'm choking as I write it, good advice overall. He's right. Somebody else's values don't affect yours. I don't know if the word's corrupt --

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: -- your beliefs and so forth, but, if anything, after you get mad at 'em, you might want to spend some time feeling a little sympathy for them because it's inexplicable to people who are fervent believers in the sanctity of life -- and we're off. Why is it that prolifers only seem to care about life up until the point it exits the womb? They're against birth control and abortion, and also against welfare, wic, food stamps, school lunches, section 8, homeless shelters and an end to war. Is life no longer sacred once it's breathing?

CALLER: Right. just say it. Ditto.

RUSH: -- and are members of a religion that is unbending on that, Here's the funny thing, Rush. Thinking people allow more than religion to inform their choices. Also, a local Catholic priest pointed out something very true (and surprising from a priest) about values and the sanctity of life. Voters voted more on the economy than anything else. Abortions increase significantly in a poor economy, because abortion isn't about not wanting a child or promiscuity, it's about economic reality. So, voting in a way that you believe will improve the economy will save lives, perhaps more than voting prolife. (After all, the Republicans have controlled the White House for 8 years and controlled everything for 4 and abortion still legal.)to sit around and vote Where did these people get to vote? There were no seats at my polling place. for somebody who's not just pro-choice. This is a man who voted three times for legislation to allow babies born alive in botched abortions not to be saved because the mother's original intent was to abort the child. I mean, that's infanticide. Actually, Obama voted against a bill that would have undermined the legal right to abortion. The bill was also unnecessary. Doctors do not choose to save or not save a baby born alive after a failed abortion (this almost never happens, by the way) based upon the mother's original intent. Once the baby is born alive, it becomes a patient, as well, and the doctor is honorbound to follow the directives of their oath and the AMA to attempt to save it.


RUSH: You know what? I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, based on what we have learned from polling data. A lot of Obama voters simply didn't know anything about what he stood for, and I would bet you a bunch of the Catholics that voted for him don't even know what his pro-abortion position is, because he wasn't asked constantly. Abortion was barely mentioned in debates. I bet a lot of people didn't know about it, Terri. While it is true that abortion was not mentioned in the debates, Obama's votes and his stance on abortion could not have been mentioned more often unless every person appearing on the news wore a sign that read, "Obama is prochoice." Catholic priests and bishops all over the country were hammering on this in the weeks leading up to the election. If you didn't know Obama was prochoice prior to the election, you were in a coma for the previous 2 years.

You know what this is about? The conservatives are unwilling to believe that Obama won, fair and square, because the majority of USians wanted him to be President. Conservatives also don't want to admit that their "values" and tactics are no longer held by the majority of USians. So, they resort to these mental tricks of pretending that no news station ever told anyone that Obama was prochoice. It wasn't that the US was sick and freakin' tired of letting the Republicans ruin this country, it's that people just didn't know what they were getting into.


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