Friday, September 24, 2010

Hate. Filled. Heart.

(h/t to [redacted]. I don't have a facebook account.)

Apparently, the new Catholic answer to the overwhelming evidence of decades (if not centuries) of abuse, the abuse of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent children, covered up as an institutional imperative, to the point where one can only assume that the leadership of the RCC came to the rather odd conclusion that the organization exists purely to pander to pedophiles is . . . man, that was some sentence . . . seriously, that was alliterative there at the end . . . the abuse is all made up by the Gay Agendatm . to punish the Church for supporting Prop 8.

Yes, that's right. Priests didn't sexually molest an entire generation of Catholic children, and religious leaders of every description don't regularly abuse their authority and their followers, it's just those dirty gays and their stranglehold on our culture. The hierarchy of the Church didn't do everything possible to keep those priests from facing repercussions, it's just the Gay Agendatm again.

Man, when your religious beliefs require that you view hundreds of victims of childhood sexual abuse as shills for a nonexistent agenda, you are officially fucked. You have no morals. You have no soul. You're a shell, spewing nonsense from your hate filled heart.

Good luck with that.

[name removed because i'm the better person] I believe that Bishop Eddie Long is being falsely accused of sexual abuse because of his strong public objection of the homosexual lifestyle. Let's not judge him. We don't know what proof will be given. Instead, lets pray for justice for the Bishop. I believe this to be just another attack against the children of God who speak out against evil in the world.

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[conspiracy theorist] You know, it's really interesting that you mention that, because a FB friend of mine who is strongly pro-homosexual (and also admits to being a homosexual) posted a link "proving" that Bishop Long actually committed sexual abuse. That's a really good point you make there!

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[asshat] You know...that they are attacking him and accusing him of this tends to lend credence to the fact that their organizations using the Catholic name ARE indeed as fake as the Bishop reported.

5 hours ago

[original name removed. i'm still the better person] Rennie, I sure hope your fb friend got his link "proving" that Bishop Long is guilty of committing sexual abuse from reliable resources. If he is guilty then he needs to pay the price . A man is considered innocent until proven guilty but I would'nt go around accusing when I know that every word that comes out of my mouth will be judged by God.

4 hours ago

[yet another asshat] I don't remember where he got the link, but the same source that provided the "proof" also provided a news story a few months ago reporting that a high school here in Mississippi was unfair for not allowing a lesbian girl to bring her girlfriend to the prom. That much I DO remember.

You know, I have to wonder something. If one of their children came home and said that the priest molested them, would they say, "Oh, honey, stop lying for the Gay Agendatm."? I think not.

Also, some research shows that

More than 100 reports in the scientific and professional literature, involving more than 35,000
subjects, indicate that rapists, child molesters, incestuous parents, and sexually motivated
murderers are typically very conservative in their sexual and social values and sometimes more
religious than average—suggesting that in many cases traditional sexual morality is a
contributing factor in sexual abuse rather than a deterrent.

Yeah. It's not the Gay Agendatm, it's your agenda, asshats.


  1. Urgh.

    ’Nuff said.

    Off-topic: How do you copy text for blockquotes? I’m curious to know how you manage to retain all that original formatting. Do you just format it all afterwards to make it similar to the source or do you have some other way to excerpt text?

  2. actually, that was sent to me as a picture in an email that i simply copy and pasted, so that may have been what preserved the original formatting. otherwise, i wrestle with blogspot to get the formatting right, and blogspot's iffy on blockquotes within blockquotes.

  3. I...


    nonononononononono that did NOT just happen! [dude, it works for the fucking asshole christians, it can work for this asshole pagan! right? right! no? DAMNIT.]

    i just... look, all i can really think of are all this kids [and grown-up-adult kids...] who went thru this hell the FIRST time, and then OVER and OVER and OVER again, as "scandel" after "scandel" broke out [IT'S NOT A FUCKING SCANDLE IT'S A GODSDAMN *CRIME* AND NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED EXCESSIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!] and now, not ONLY is the fucking RCC *YET AGAIN* stating that all that pain just DIDN'T HAPPEN - now they're blaming one of the groups of people that many of those survivers fled to? [because even if you're NOT GAY, the ONE PLACE a boy can find some help if he's been molested/raped by a man is with gay people. they'll hear about what happen [MOST OF THEM - of COURSE there's a minority who are evil. there's that minority in EVERY group aside from groups like the RCC where they're the MAJORITY] and HELP. hell, most of them will even UNDERSTAND that this kid may think he's gay NOW [because why else would a man have done that to him? victims almost ALWAYS blame themselves] but he's not - Gaydar is really accurate. and if everyone thinks the kid is gay, and then later he really isn't, they won't give him shit. and if he doesn't want to be gay for years, and then later realizes he IS, they STILL won't give him shit. well, maybe minor teasing, but not PAIN and GUILT and etc.]

    i am beginning to HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE the RCC. for a long while, i convinced myself that sure, SOME of the leadership was evil, but most members are just doing what they can, and the RCC does help people. but they're not really helping anymore... and they're getting more and more evil people in leadership...

    i'm becoming scared. hey, PF, please hurry up your Plan - i;m not capable of doing my own right now [i can't walk, how am i supposed to train my female ninja mercenary assassain spies?] but your plan, and your plan for after the plan to take over, are at LEAST as good [if not better] than my plan. please do hurry.

    otherwise, i may be stuck, burned at the stake or hung or drowned or lynched or shot at dawn.
    no, wait - actually, there are so many ways/reasons for fundies to kill me, i may die of old age before they decide on the way/reason. but still! please hurry, as my backup plan was always moving to the Moon, and the assholes STILL haven't set up a catapult or space elevator to make it feasible!

  4. I'll even lend you my female ninja mercenary assassain spies, and my Lizbian Army!

  5. add comment moderation to your BS...

    you will not have a PUBLIC FORUM

    NEW GAME WITH YOU LITTLE F*CKERS - SPEAK N DIE. Come see the latest DM videos for your viewing pleasure!


    And the Pope is 100% correct: The Nazis and the atheists both wish to ABOLISH FAITH....


    hawking is WRONG

    science cannot explain NOTHING!



  6. Actually, I sorta like the idea of blaming all of one's woes on some other group. Perhaps it's the fault of the gays that I'm a lousy businessman. And the fact that I'm behind in my orders is the fault of, say, pagan lesbians. Yeah, I could get into this.

    cheers from overcast (probably because of Pentecostals) Vienna, zilch

  7. Zilch;

    yeah, blame the Pentacostles - they probably *DO* pray for rain. lol.


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