Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Don't Know What to Make of This

I really don't understand at all. Probably because I don't speak English. And I'm a dog.

Reading this thread, I think I was making the same face my dog does when he's puzzled.

so I've been dropping tracts off around the building where I work even when I go to the washroom I leave a gospel tract there for someone to read. So I went in the washroom yesterday and noticed that the tract was gone and instead was a printed off paper supporting pantheism. It had a website that all the garbage came from and was seriously flawed in it's naturalistic worldview approach (if i can't see it it isn't there approach) the problem is I'm having a hard time finding an article that speaks directly about what is in the article. And was wondering should I type up something or throw the garbage away and leave a gospel tract again?

So let me get this straight. You leave fundy gospel tracts in the bathroom at work every day (doubtless forcing the janitor to do a little extra work), and you're all kinds of freaked out that someone left their point of view in the bathroom instead? You don't see that your tract is someone else's garbage? I guess not, huh?

I can't decide whether to laugh or bang my head against the desk until this makes sense.

My first instinct is to say I'd throw it away.

If I am given "literature" I thank them politely and put it in my bag, then throw it away.

Funny, that's my first instinct, too. Why do you think your "literature" is any different?

Not worthy of debate. Throw it away and keep leaving tracts around for people to find.

AND THROW AWAY. Because we feel exactly the same way about it as you do. Can we stop killing the trees and just quit it with the tracts?

Probably not.


  1. Look, if it weren't for hypocrisy these people wouldn't have anything interesting at all to worry about. So if we just quietly leave them alone and laugh, it makes everyone feel better.

    Except, y'know, them.

  2. I love (apparently complete) lack of awareness that the pantheism page was most likely a direct jab at the pamphlet-dropper.

    "I'm having a hard time finding an article that speaks directly about what is in the article." Translation: I have wholly and entirely missed the point.

  3. "I'm having a hard time finding an article that speaks directly about what is in the article." Translation: I have wholly and entirely missed the point.

    Of course that speaks to the problem of using satire to attempt to subtly correct behavior. I mean, you've got those people who don't realize that Swift's "A Modest Proposal" wasn't actually a suggestion to eat Irish children.

    Some people Just. Don't. Get it.

    This is why the "Don't be a Dick" thing tends to fall on deaf ears 'round these parts...

  4. Virtual is so much easier to throw away...

  5. this does remind me of a problem i had a few years ago. i was hanging flyers for the women's shelter i volunteered with, all around campus. [they were of the "if your SO does this, maybe we can help" variety]
    i ran across a "white people need to hang together against the creeping brown - come to my seminar to find out how to defeat the HORDE OF NIGGER" [that's exactly what it said] and went on to explain that killing black people is akin to killing, say, vampires.

    i took it to the building supe, who shrugged and said they had to post every thing. then i threw it away.


    THEN i felt guilty for censorship. sigh.

    gospel tracts are the same thing, mostly, as that sign was. especially the Jack Chick ones :(

  6. "The absolute gall of them putting religous literature like that in the washroom. Everyone know's it's only okay when we do it."

    How can they be so hypocritical, and so blind to it?

  7. Quasar, without hypocrisy and blindness there would be no religion.

  8. This poor guy is in a moral dilemma with no good solution. Welcome to the real world, bub.


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