Wednesday, February 24, 2010

11 Years Old (An Experiment)

I've never tried to upload a video to blogger, so I can't swear to this working (it seems to be on my end), but if it does work, that is my 11-year-old dog not acting his age.


  1. Teeheeeeeeee!!

    There is a dog who looks EXACTLY like this in our building. Might be his twin.

  2. works fine (has black bars on both sides of the screen; i dunno if those aare spozed to be there)

    and your dawg is TEH CYOOT!!

  3. Ha ha! Cute dog! Like the floor too! Is that 3rd grade Red Oak?

  4. Might just be a little format issue, as uzza noted with thick black bars (unless you just shot the video in an unusual format or something). But the video interface itself works perfectly.

    Enough techno-babble. I WANNA PLAY WIF DOGGIE.

    (They always say how old people are just young at heart, eh?)


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