Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yesterday, I Died. Almost.

I keep Breitbart's Big Government in my reader, probably because I have masochistic tendencies, and those tendencies have paid off for you! I posted a screen capture of the post that came up in my reader from Bob McCarty because it seems like it may have been scrubbed right off the site. I don't blame Breitbart for it, but I wanted to save the hilarity for future generations- and your amusment.

Imagine tons of explosives being stolen in Mexico and then transported by truck
across the border into the United States. Could it happen? Over the weekend, it
did. Almost.

On Friday, according to an article in the Latin American
Herald Tribune, 18 tons of industrial explosives were stolen from a cargo
container during a robbery along the Monterrey-Saltillo Highway in the northern
Mexico state of Nuevo Leon. According to subsequent reports, Mexican officials
located and recovered the stolen explosives within hours. The thieves, however,
remain at large.

Yesterday, I died. Almost. By "almost", I mean that 2 miles away from my office, someone died in a car accident. It could have been me, had I been 2 miles away from my actual location, in a car I don't own, accompanied by people I've never met. I was so close to death.



  1. Ah, good old fashioned scare mongering.

  2. Hi my friend. I read this post. I hope you be in good health. i don't know i understand your meaning of this post true . All of us are close to die. I believe to one sentence from my favorite writer “Paulo Coelho “so much. He said: if you are still living It’s because you have not at the place that you should be. I don’t know, you believe to this sentence or not, but it always relieve me. Excuse me, I have a question. What’s the meaning of the Breitbart ? I searched in dictionary but I couldn’t find out . by the way, thank you for your comment on my blog. I’m looking forward to knowing your view about this movie.

  3. Breitbart of let-all-lynch-Acorn fame is certainly an asshat.


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