Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shitting All Over What Helps You Most

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bngfan is hardly original amongst conservatives for her hatred of feminism, she's just a convenient target for posting this picture:

Here's what drives me crazy about that. Bngfan is hugely into politics. However, without feminists earning her the right to vote, bngfan wouldn't have a say in the running of this country, something she clearly cares very much about.

Bngfan owns her house. Without feminists clearing the way for women to own property, she couldn't do that.

Bngfan has 3 children, not 15 or 20, which leads me to believe she's used birth control a time or two. Without feminists fighting for her right to control her body, bngfan wouldn't have the option to stop at a few children, which is also clearly something she wants.

Women who fight against feminism while enjoying the fruits of the feminist struggle are the worst kinds of hypocrites: the kind who work to create a world they have no interest in living in. They just want to condemn their daughters, and ours, to it.


  1. The problem is that people don't think about such things.

    Right after I moved to Dallas I was sitting with my buddy in the TGI Friday's. I couldn't help but listen to the conversation going on directly behind me. It was a couple who seemed to be on a blind/early date.

    She was going on and on about how feminism had ruined her life. Her theory was that she should be able to just get married, look after the house, and go shopping while her husband went to work to pay the bills and that was the natural order of things. But those damn feminists had come in and forced her to get a job and support herself and they sucked.

    I'm glad I wasn't actually part of that conversation. Because I was speechless as an observer...

  2. Yes, it is such a pain in the ass to be responsible for your own life.

    Though I imagine her single state might have more to do with what she considers a suitable topic of conversation on a first date.

    Isn't there something in the Man Code that requires you to have set her date on fire in order to free him to leave?

  3. Geds - You're not making the translation, here. What she was actually saying is this: "I'm looking for someone who will support me in the style to which I'd like to become accustomed, and in return I'll let him think that he's the one in charge."

    She has to say it as "I was victimized by those evil feminists" because, really, "I want to be a Trophy Wife" just isn't a very appealing sales pitch.

  4. I'm still trying to understanding anti-feminist women like bngfn, Phyllis Schlafly, and the Ladies Against Feminism. The best I can come up with is that living in their restricted role of Super-Feminine Lady somehow makes them feel safe and protected and that is more important to them than experiencing full personhood.

    Google the spoof site Ladies Against Women.

  5. PF: Isn't there something in the Man Code that requires you to have set her date on fire in order to free him to leave?

    Only if I personally know the guy or I can tell he wants absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. Also, it's much easier to do at a bar than in a restaurant booth.

    And, believe you me, I have played that role before. Jim Dalton appreciates me just for that. Not that you know who Jim Dalton is...

    Michael: She has to say it as "I was victimized by those evil feminists" because, really, "I want to be a Trophy Wife" just isn't a very appealing sales pitch.


    That makes way too much sense. I think I missed the subtext because there was no friggin' way anyone would ever consider her trophy wife material.

    I mean, don't you hit a point where you have to admit that dog won't hunt? And shouldn't "approaching forty and somewhat overweight" be that point?

    Oh, also, I totally rejected the notion of marrying a woman who just wants to be a [insert adjective here] wife years ago. At the time it was "pastor's wife," but the "trophy wife" isn't a better option. Then again, I can support myself quite comfortably, thank you very much, and I can probably support two people, but that doesn't mean I want to. There is a manner of living to which I have become accustomed.

  6. You know, try as I might, I simply don’t understand women who are anti-feminism. To me, it makes no more sense than, say, Blacks being anti-racial equality, gays being anti-gay rights, and people in general being anti-slavery. I just don’t get it. How can anyone really be against the very movement(s) and/or mindset(s) that’re responsible for giving them their rights to begin with?

    I mean, there’s such a thing as taking these movements and mindsets to unreasonable extremes, but when you’re against anything vaguely civil rights-oriented, you’ve got a heck of a problem, there.

  7. Err … that was supposed to be, “[…] people in general being pro-slavery.” Dangit. I proof-read and everything, I swear!!

  8. oh pf, I think it is cute that a man allowed you to get on a computer. I realize this world must be big and scary for you. But don't worry, us men are taking care of everything. Now, why don't you just go back in the laundry room and do the things that make you happy, while I handle the big problems. Okay? good. you are such a good little girl.

    sacrastly yours,

  9. I know some anti-feminists - they're in my family, not in my circle of friends - and from what I can see (close-up and very personal),they're afraid. They're afraid their choices aren't being validated. What they don't realize (as you stated) is how fortunate they are to have choices...because of the roads feminists have paved for them. They're a kooky lot, those ladies.

  10. Hey, if a woman wants to do the housewife thing (Kinder, Kirche, Küche, children, church, kitchen they say here) and finds a man who wants to support her, more power to her. No one's stopping them- just as gay marriage advocates are not "against" hetero marriage, feminists are not "against" women choosing to stay at home if they want to. At least I don't know of any who are. As smalltownsmalltimes put it, it's a matter of having the choice.

  11. I read the topic you linked from. I felt like screaming at them. They started going on about how feminists were upset because she chose to keep the baby.

    Feminists and human beings in general are upset about the add because it appears Tebow's mother is a manipulative filthy liar.

    Also, smalltownsmalltimes, that was an interesting dissection of the emotions behind anti feminist women.

  12. People like this *really* piss me off. All smug that they have the freedoms they do while detesting the people who worked so hard to get them those freedoms. "Me, no, I'm not a feminist, that's a bad word, but I sure like getting educated, keeping my money, legal protection from my husband beating me up..." etc. Then they turn on me and say that "feminist" means ugly, manless, hate-filled, etc.
    I don't get it. I want freedom and fairness-- why is that *bad*?


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