Friday, February 12, 2010

Epiphany Successfully Avoided

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Children aren't logical thinkers. They don't consider things rationally, or in any kind of order, nor do they proceed from cause to effect. This explains why the same child who can't figure out how to take a shower without drowning will occasionally declaim profound truth apropos of nothing.

A few days ago my little girl Kailey (whose 5 years old) asked me a
startling question from the back of the car as I was driving. She asked speak
like this?” and then she went silent.

“Speak like what?” I

“Speak like this…” silent again.

“What do you mean Kailey? Daddy doesn’t understand.” (I was expecting
her to use some deeper voice impression of God instead of, well, nothing.)

Frustrated she said, “Daddy God doesn’t talk to me. He is quiet. Why
doesn’t he talk to me with words?”

Because he's not there, Kailey. People who aren't there don't talk at all.

Oh, and WHO'S. "Whose" is possessive.

See, now that's the obvious, reality-based answer to the question, which is not the sort of epiphany a man who makes a living off of Christ wants to have.

As I have marinated on this question over the last few days I think that one of
the reasons why God doesn’t often use words is that it would remove the faith
factor. Because I don’t have a “Greg, now do this….” voice in my head or in my
ear I have to rely, search, pray, seek, watch and wait until He confirms in my
inner spirit that this or that is the direction I should go.

Cognitive dissonance resolved, epiphany successfully avoided. God doesn't talk out loud because then nobody would have faith. And billions are condemned to hell, but what's a little eternal suffering among friends.

Oh, and marinated? LOL!


  1. I'd say that he stole "marinated" from a particularly cute scene in Kissing Jessica Stein... but I doubt he's seen that movie.

  2. He might also mean he "mulled it over", and I'll grant him that "mulling" is also a food word, but still major lulz.

  3. That post is such a win for the because of the 'marinated'. I'm incorporating that into my everyday vocabulary.

  4. Yes, I'm busy marinating thoughts. That's a keeper.

  5. I like to marinate in a little white wine vinegar and olive oil. LOL.


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