Monday, February 15, 2010

Must Control Feminist Fist of Death

Now that I have your attention . . .

Meet Benjamin Simon, internationally recognized as an expert in the area of how guys see girls. That's a new record, folks. No one's ever inspired the FFoD in the first sentence of their profile before. Nothing to be proud of Ben, and WOMEN. We're WOMEN. If you're lusting after girls, I suggest a can of gasoline and a match, but I have no sympathy for pedophiles.

This is still the profile:

I’m also dedicated to absolute purity in every area of my life. Because of this,
I am intent on analyzing how I look, think, and feel about the girls around me.
What I learn from this analysis can be vital to how I recognize and avoid the
purity stumbling blocks in my life. But even more important is how this
information can help you as a young woman better understand men and temper your relationships with them to be “In All Purity.” Moreover, if young women like you
can understand what purity means to guys like me, then maybe you can make life
easier for us. That’s what this blog is about: Me helping you help me help you.

Shorter Ben: I cannot control myself and it is your fault, with you soft, soft skin and your bobbling boobies and firm asses. Stop being all soft and bobbly and firm right now!

Yeah, Ben, I'll get right on that. The FFoD may hurt a little, but it will remove all those pesky desires. Permanently.

Let's get to an actual blog post: How Modesty Helps You (Help Me Help Myself Helping You)

The majority of reasons to practice modesty deal with the future and the past:
your future marriage, your future husband, what the Bible says, what society has
instituted in the past, etc. And while any one of these is a convincing reason
to practice modest dress, I know it can leave you wondering “does it do me any
good right now?” The answer is a definite yes.

Actually, Ben, it leaves me wondering where you, or anyone else, gets off telling me what to do with my body. It's mine, not yours, and even if we were to be married, it still wouldn't be up to you to tell me what to do with my body. Please do not force me to deliver a lecture on the difference between mine and yours.

The moral decay of the American clothing industry stems purely from the
fact that men are attracted to scantily clad women. I've seen this often at high
school gatherings. The girls who reveal the most, get the most attention. While
this can seem like a good trade-off, let me talk to you about it from the men's

Because women have no choice what to put on their bodies- we just buy whatever is in front of us. We're lemmings, I tell you, lemmings, and we need some fundysplaining to make things right!

The conflict of choosing modesty versus immodesty is a conflict of choosing to
gain men’s respect versus giving men satisfaction. When you choose to be
immodest, you sacrifice the respect of men in order to receive their attention.
But the woman who exudes modesty in her life has an amazing way of commanding
respect. Women show more value when they hold their bodies as sacred. Men can
not help but be awed by a respectfully dressed woman.

Because it's all about the mens and how they feel. How I feel in clothing has nothing to do with it. (Above are my breasts. Worship them as you should. We'll wait.) Continue with the fundysplaining, Ben.

Here's an example. Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, The Mona Lisa, is one of the
most famous and expensive pieces of art in the world. But its value is preserved
by the security that is used to keep it safe. If its owner didn't heavily guard
it, he wouldn't have it for very long. So the most modern, high tech security
system is used so that no one can steal it. Of course, there are plenty of
thieves in the world who despise this security system. If it weren't for the
security, they could take it for themselves. So even though thieves hate the
fact that Mona Lisa is safe from their prying hands, the world holds the
painting in high esteem because of it.

The Mona Lisa is only valuable because of the Louvre's security system? I'm not . . . what do even say to that? Does "fail" even cover this?

With this in mind, let’s take a look at modesty. As a woman, you clearly have
something that is very valuable. However, you can easily dress in a provocative
way that is pleasing to men and lose your value. You are no longer carefully
guarded like the Mona Lisa. Instead, you are more like a poster that anyone can
get a hold of. A poster isn't valuable because it's readily available. Immodesty
shifts the value of your body from something of worth to something common. By
dressing modestly, you are valuable because you hold one of the greatest powers
of the world in your hands yet you choose not to use it. No man can help but be
intrigued by that.

See, I thought that what was valuable about me was, well, me. My personality, my essence, my person. Nope, it's my (very long gone) hymen. Now that that's gone, I'm entirely worthless. Let me repeat that: a woman is only as valuable as a little scrap of flesh leftover from the formation of her genitals in the womb. Everything else is just so much dross. Although I do enjoy a description of my vagina as one of the greatest powers of the world. My vagina is like a nuclear weapon.

Here is the blunt truth of the matter. There is nothing unique about immodesty.
Anybody can be immodest. You must decide what you want to be valued for. From a
man's point of view, the modest girl is the girl who has the most innate value,
because she's the one whose body is secured. Just like protecting the Mona Lisa,
men respect the woman who protects her body. She's the one we can't visually

That's so disturbing, I can't even parse it. I would like to point out that in Saudi Arabia, where you really can't see anything, not a fingertip, not a toe, not even relative weight, rape is viewed a bit differently than it is here. You know why that is, Ben? Because simply covering up does not beget respect. Viewing women as human beings with all the rights of men does.


  1. Heheheheheee... Bewbs :D

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Seriously though, on a certain level vejayjay is a very powerful thing. Massive wars have been launched in it's pursuit and it is a driving element of male thought and behavior.

    The crucial question that you rightly ask, however, is: so what?
    Just because Men are horny doesn't mean Women derive their VALUE from Male horniness.

    That is, unless you view women as nothing more than sex objects and/or trophies (which might explain why mister Simon continually refers to Women as "girls").

  2. I feel like going to be an extra copy of Being and Nothingness so I can rip pages out and chuck them at this guy. He has no conception that the world exists beyond himself or that he's actually defined by his own actions and decisions, does he? être-pour-autrui much?

  3. I was going to go and argue that there are acceptable uses of "girls" to mean "women" just as there are acceptable contexts to use "boys" to mean "men." But I'm not inclined to do so for two reasons in this case: 1) If that was what was intended then it is just yet another example of the author objectifying and sexualizing human females. 2) He talks about "girls" in highschool which makes him just creepy. Creepy and sexist. Ick. No defense.

  4. Gawd, PF, how do you find these organisms? A couple more of his choice tidbits:

    “you are an atheist; therefore ... Your worldview leads to the concept that nothing could make you live happily ever after and that nothing could heal your marriage.”

    “Your reasoning can be stretched so far as to say that even nakedness is justifiable”

  5. There's a million different ways this fails, but one of the odder ones is the clash of gears in his metaphors. By his logic, the Mona Lisa would be even more valuable if it were taken off display and locked in a vault so that only the chosen view could look at it. The fact that anyone can see it apparently cheapens the experience.

  6. here's another thing -

    he says "anyone can choose to dress immodestly" and so the implication is that, since anyone "can" do so, it is not of worth.

    but is it not also true that "anyone can choose to dress MODESTLY"???
    would that not ALSO mean that, since anyone can do it, dressing modestly is not of worth?

    how old IS this kid, anyway?

  7. He's just "pure" 'cause none of those dumb clucks that think his mind is so brilliant will fuck him

  8. I have this urge to laugh in his face, then pity him, then punch him.

    There is so much wrong with his attitude toward women that you'd have to write a bible length book to set him right (ironically).

    Does he know that you've linked him? I'd love to hear his response.

  9. Really nice photo, PersFail. I like it a lot.

    Er, did you say something too? Anyway, nice photo.

  10. What a shame he uses comment moderation. Tittyspamming his journal woulda made my day.

  11. "Tittyspamming"? What a lovely word. Thanks for enlarging my vocabulary and my worldview.

  12. What disturbs me most about this dude is his bunch of female groupies hanging off his every word.



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