Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drama School Drop Out Theatre

I don't like posting on weekends. I need a break, so most posts you see on weekends are set up earlier in the week, and tend to be random drivel. So (h/t to Geds), I thought I'd try something new.

Welcome to Drama School Drop Out Theatre! Writers like LaHaye and Jenkins of Left Behind fame and Stephanie Meyer of Sparkly Vampires!!!1!!eleventy!!! fame can make millions randomly thumping keyboards with their behinds, surely the denizens of Hell can do better! (Seriously, monkeys regularly do better, so don't be afraid to join in.) So, I challenge you to write, one sentence to paragraph at a time, a story for this picture:

Just to get you started, I will give you the best opening line in all of history:

It was a dark and stormy night . . .


  1. ...It was singing a song that sounded alarmingly like...

  2. the theme from the Addams Family.

  3. She thought of a girl named Wednesday whom she'd known in high school; they weren't fond thoughts.

  4. However the thought of high school did evoke a startling happy memory, which she had all but forgotten until today.

  5. Thinking back to days long past, she smiled happily

  6. it isn't true that High School is sheer Hell - there are moments of Purgatory, seemingly joyous compared to the random tortures endured daily.

    [sorry - the SMeyer part of the prompt possessed me. purple prose is pretty?]


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