Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Dance of the New World Order

Bungalow Bill seems to be dead serious in his interpretation of Beyonce's Grammy performance as:

Beyonce's 2010 Grammy performance featured the dance of the coming police state.
Once again, we see how pop culture is used to condition people to accepting
what's going on in the world.

Beyonce dances with storm trooper like
police that resemble the sound cannon police last year in Pittsburgh during the
G20. When you see the performance, the message is clear. Condition the people to
the police state--check points at the airport with the KGB now known as the TSA.
Your papers please, now choose between naked body scanners and or all them to
place their hands all over your body.

Dude, if the New World Order is going to involve the entire police state dancing at all times while dressed like that, I am so there!


  1. Well, as prophets go, I'd rather look at her than Moses or Jesus.

  2. Sickness like that doesn't grow on trees!

  3. Sure, it's much better to generate random nonexistent controversy than actually focus on the fact that Beyonce's been getting rewarded for years for being a misandrous bitch...


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