Thursday, February 25, 2010

Notes from the Day

Mother Nature is a mean bitch. She combined epic snowfall with getting my period early with the day before payday. So there I was, trudging through 4" of snow, in my winter boots that I quickly learned are no longer weatherproof, carrying a coffee can half full of pennies to the Coinstar. I recommend against carrying a coffee can around while wearing a pashmina wrapped around your head hijab-like to protect your hair from the snow. Apparently, I looked like a terrorist. A really stylish terrorist.

This is the conversation we had with Meanboss at 11 am.

Us: There's 3" of snow on the ground, and it's falling at a rate of 2"/hour for the next 12 hours.

Meanboss: So?

Us: We'd like to go home before we get snowed in.

Meanboss: There's 3" of snow on the ground- you're being ridiculous!

Us: 6 hours x 2"/hour + 3" on the ground = 15" of snow.

Meanboss: Fine. We can leave at 2:30.

Us: *collective seething hatred*

So, I'll see you when I see you.


  1. we got lucky here in MA. It's been all rain (though the wind is howling something fierce right now).

  2. test - please ignore this comment

    trying to get the exact error message - don't want to clutter up new posts, want the exact wording...

    just ignore it [it's hidden in glitter and moonbeams!]

  3. well, hell - the only time i've wanted the error, no error.



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