Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blogging on the Fly- Outdoor Weddings

Just a quick update before the internet cafe kicks me out.

Outdoor weddings are quite beautiful, and what could be a better metaphor for a new life together than abundant, lovely nature? So, I totally get why people have outdoor weddings, but I'm allergic to bees*, and below is my entire memory of last night's ceremony (which I'm told was quite touching):


and I think I may have said that bit about the frog out loud.

*as in swell up and die, exactly the sort of behavior one does not wish to engage in at someone's wedding.


  1. Well, I hope it went well, and I'm glad you didn't swell up and die - which, I agree, sounds like a perfectly dreadful way to behave at someone else's wedding. {g}

  2. I played for an outdoor wedding last fall that was beautiful...except for the yellow jackets.

    They were all around the pastry table and seemed to be REALLY interested in the "bower" where the preacher and I were located.

    I was playing the processional and heard the preacher utter a very terse but vehement, "Jusus Christ"!
    He was not expressing religious exstacy or inspiration, he was responding to a sting on his neck.

    I got nailed twice, once on the wrist and once on the knuckle...while I'm playing a harp.

    I always carry benadryl and an epi-pen, and after the ceremony I shared the wealth with the preacher. Benedryl seemed to work.

    My wife helped set out the pastries and kept the wasps and yellow jackets away while the ceremony was going on, and she was credited with saving the table from an unforseen menace.

    A 1500 pound percheron mare got a whiff of the cookies and pastries and said to herself, "Self, I want me some of THAT", and proceeded to advance with eagerness and dire intent on the table to help herself.
    There was outright horror and "waddawedoNOW" consternation at the approach of this nemesiss.

    Wife is a horse woman, very experienced, and she simply crumbled a cookie in her hands, took a strap (decorative hanging), intercepted the horse, and let her lick her hand and had the strap through the halter. Horse demured, but found out that (as have I over close to fifty years) who was the boss, and that resistance is futile. Led the horse to the stable and stalled her up.

    No one ever was at a wedding where a horse was a difficulty, and the groom's mother, who actually catered the affair, gave my wife a card, told her if she ever wanted a job she was hired.

  3. I almost got to use my epi-pen last Tuesday after my weekly allergy shot. Aren't those supposed to make it better?? On the bright side, a few hours of chest pain and shortness of breath aren't really as bad as swelling up and dying. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!!

  4. i also have the swell up and die issue.
    and people wonder WHY i'm terrified if bugs.

    it's a PHOBIA. sheesh. very glad you're ok!

  5. Also, shouldn't it have been "Blogging on the Bee"? I mean, flies weren't exactly the problem...


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