Thursday, June 3, 2010


I think the people at Ministering Deliverance are serious. I'd like for them to be a bunch of Poes poe'ing each other, but I think they really believe what they say. Which is alarming to say the least.

hi everyone i just wanna ask a question.

i have a demon called beast that was put there before i was born. the demon says that only my father has the authority to cast it out. the problem is, my father does not believe in Jesus and wont cast it out! what can i do? will i ever be able to get rid of this demon? is there another way?

Ummm . . . I . . . . yeah. See, hearing voices isn't really a good sign. You're pretty much looking at brain tumors, seizures or schizophrenia. You really need to see a doctor, today.

Sadly, that advice never comes up.

Typically, demons are liars. Something to file away in your heart.

I've encountered demons who tell me the same thing, that my father/mother gave them permission to abide, and only they have the authority to make them leave. It's simply not true - maybe when I was a child, but as an adult, surrendered wholly to Christ, there is a HIGHER authority, and the demons KNOW THIS.

You need to repent of any agreement made on your behalf by your parents, renounce it, and break the authority that the demon is holding onto.

There are a lot of gifted ministers here who can help you figure out the details - everyone is different, but one thing that NEVER changes is WHO is in charge, and that EVERY single knee will bow to Him. His authority superscedes all other. Period.

I suppose schizophrenia or epilepsy left untreated for a short period of time might be relatively safe, in that it probably won't progress much, but untreated brain tumors? That'll just keep growing. Inside your skull. There's only so much room.

I'm especially concerned in that this the next posting from the OP's profile:

hi jay jay this is charlie
we ar ok daron is hapy cos he got a presont at crismus and i got won to! nataleys dad wil met yo but he wont let yo tawlk bout jesus cos he no lik him and he dont beleve in him so wont want to help nataley and wil larf at her and she wil get sad agan.
yo ar come her soon? i very exsited to see yo!

That can't be good. Irresponsibility, thy name is fundamentalism.


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  1. As one who has a seizure disorder, I can identify...

    I do have temporal lobe seizures, and they can be, well, interesting.

    People have asked my wife about it, and she tells them that part of it is hearing voices.
    She is asked what they say, and replies, "Oh, kill this person, rape those women, burn down the school with children in it...the usual..."

    Some ask her if she isn't, well, CONCERNED about these voices tell me to do things which aren't on the "approved" list of society.

    She says no, I never listen to anyone else, why would I listen to a bunch of scrofulous voices?

    Actually, I don't hear voices, it's just her joke. I hear music, usually.

  2. ::snerk::

    Bonus points for actually using "scrofulous" in a sentence, too.


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