Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pro Life- Pro Sinful, Evil Life

This whole post on developing love and compassion in the home is a mess of wtf?!*, but at least I now understand why the same people who weep over the loss of a blastocyst don't really care about babies once they are born. It's because babies are pure evil, sinners to the core before they ever open their eyes for the first time.

They (we/I) have a prime opportunity to learn these things before they have as many of the distractions, frustrations, business, and weariness that naturally comes when two sinners are united in Holy matrimony, and especially when they birth more sinners who have not yet received the grace of God.

[emphasis added]

Silly, wicked atheist that I am, I look at a baby and think BAYBEEEEEE!!!!, not "sinner!" These people freak me the fuck out.

*Why would you need to "develop" love and compassion in your home? Shouldn't you just have it? I understand teaching children to empathize and treat others with kindness and respect, but love and compassion shouldn't be something you have to work at, those should already be in your relationship with your children from the start.


  1. There's so much psychopathy at the root of this way of thinking, I don't even know where to start.

  2. "So, did you find out what you're having yet? Is it a boy this time?"

    "It's a sinner. A dirty, evil sinner."

  3. Original Sin is one of the nastier religious doctrines.

  4. This plays right into my whole thing about the Catholic church having consigned unbaptized stillborn babies or babies who die in infancy without baptism to limbo for centuries. I just don't get it how someone too young to have done anything intentionally evil can be viewed a sinner but someone can do the worst possible thing and get absolved and good as new in the eyes of the Catholic church. Makes. No. Sense.

    Anyway, that quote from Titus is making me itch. It's all because of my mistaking the idea of marriage and thinking it was a partnership of equals where neither person was obedient to the other. Oh Dear...


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