Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Not Legal

Dear Arizona Idiots:

This is how your rhetoric makes real people feel. If you think "illegal" is an acceptable way to define another human being, you are responsible for this.


Personal Failure

p.s.: Racist idiots aren't worth killing yourself over. You belong right where you are, please don't jump off the bridge.


  1. The collective ignorance of retirees never ceases to amaze me.

  2. I really hope that person gets help. I hope someone in his or her life is able to look out for warning signs. :(

    It's heartbreaking when actual human beings get lost in rhetoric and viciousness. Whether it be immigration or unemployment or healthcare or access to sex and contraceptive education, actual lives just get lost in the maelstrom of hot air.

  3. Rather than just sad, it makes me angry.

  4. At the risk of diminishing the point, I'll bet you almost anything that's a fake.

    Even if it isn't, just because Arizona passed a law shouldn't really have an effect on someone raised in San Francisco.

  5. Crap like this does affect San Francisco, when we have Meg Whitman running for governor with her promise of "no amnesty, no way" followed up by the promise/threat to "go after sanctuary cities like San Francisco."

  6. If I'm not mistaken, this situation existed prior to Arizona's new legislation.

    So... again... not seeing the logical connection, unless one's foolish enough to believe the actions of the Arizona legislature represent the collective momentum of the American people.

  7. Do the people of the United States, through their elected representatives, have the right to control their borders and immigration, yes or no?

    Even good laws are sometimes broken for innocent, even laudable, reasons. If you believe we need better laws in this area, exactly what changes do you propose?

    And if your change includes amnesty, how do you answer the reasonable criticism of "Amnesty now, as before, mostly encourages future law-breaking"?

    We've had plenty of sad stories. We need more reasoned argument and concrete proposals, addressed to the lawmakers who can implement them.

  8. It is a human right to be born free and equal, every person should have a state and rights no matter where they are.

    There are plenty of reasoned proposals but without the pressure to implement them the lawmakers will not make change.
    The stories are necessary and important. Don't turn your back on real human beings who are people just like you.


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