Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clearly, We Have Angered Thor

And he has loosed his wrath upon a 62' tall statue of Jesus.

Monroe fire officials set damage at $700,000 after lighting struck and burned down a 62-foot-high Jesus Christ statue and an adjacent amphitheater at Solid Rock Church late Monday.

Church leaders are vowing to rebuild the iconic "King of Kings" statue - also dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" - which alone was valued at $300,000

Touchdown Jesus!


  1. I have seen the other Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame.

    SMRT is going with Thor also.

  2. I was going with Zeus, but I accept Thor as the slayer of JC.


  3. I just hope it wasn't Allah...

  4. So instead of using $300,000 to help the poor (WWJD) or homeless, they're going to rebuild? Holy crap.

  5. He's so asking for it. Look at his arms, they're in the "bring it" position. No sympathy here.

  6. "He's so asking for it. Look at his arms, they're in the "bring it" position."

    Nah, that's the "double lightning rod" position, where you hold two 62 foot steel bars in the air in the middle of a thunderstorm.

    Honestly, what did they think would happen?

    "According to Isaac Asimov, the most practical and dramatic victory of science over religion occurred in the seveteenth century, when churches began to put up lightning conductors."


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