Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a Good Thing Buses Don't Have Desks

Or I would have headdesked myself into a coma this morning.

The bus driver and a passenger were discussing god. For a while there it was a fairly standard discussion about giving all things to God and in faith all things are possible, until the driver declared that Satan was trying to make him "mess up". How does he know this? Because of the things he has been saying to his wife lately. You just don't say things like that to someone you love. Ergo, Satan.

Here is this grown man completely denying any responsibility for words that came out of his own mouth. Even a five-year-old who's been caught lying or cursing won't try to say that somebody else said it.

Yet this is totally acceptable in some Christian circles. An excuse that a small child would reject as being too unbelievable is the height of theology for a great many people.



  1. My question is, did you get a whiff of what he said to his wife? What was the evil things satan was making him say? And then, are we really suppose to believe that what he said was truly worthy of satan evil? like, maybe it was just hitler evil? I mean, how vile does something have to be that you KNOW it came from the prince of lies, and the source of all evil?

  2. I wondered that myself. Was he just dissing her cooking, or did he threaten to choke her to death with her own intestines? I really don't know.

  3. When I was little it was TOTALLY Timothy Mouse who ate all those cookies. It wasn't me. Definitely my imaginary friend Timothy Mouse. Or possibly his wife Timothina. (Ya rly.)

    What? Same diff.

  4. My imaginary friend was always causing trouble, but I never claimed he spoke through my mouth. (I'm not even sure he really was my friend. He was kind of mean to me.)


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