Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sluts, Unicorns and Other Such Myths


It's a word every woman fears. There is no judgment worse than slut. To be labeled a slut is devastating, socially and personally. And it's permanent. Once a woman is labeled a slut, she is always a slut.

This word is ugly, shameful and misogynistic. It is control. "Act nice or you're a slut. Obey or you're a slut. Give me the power or you're a slut. I control the rest of your life with one little word." There is no equivalent word for men because, quite simply, the behaviors described by slut- in control, powerful, enjoying one's sexuality- are entirely positive for men. Sauce for the goose is never sauce for the gander in the patriarchy.

So colour me unamused* to see the above picture.

First of all, the above picture does not prove why I am a slut and no man will ever be. It's just a lot of male victimhood. Poor, poor man who can't get laid. Poor, poor man tricked into fatherhood by the lying slut. Poor, poor man who has to buy a car to get a girlfriend. Reality: you don't live in it.

Here's the thing, asshole: the only world in which women use sex only to get stuff is a world in which women don't like sex. I love sex. Orgasms rock. Oh, yes, they do. Sex feels good and I like sex. Of course, I don't have to fuck you to know that I don't like sex with you. You hate women. You can't possibly have great sex with someone who hates you. Great sex doesn't require love, but it does require a certain amiability, which you lack.

The fact that women have no interest in sex with you, oh creator of misogynistic quasiart, has nothing to do with the women and everything to do with you.

One final piece of advice: if you can't find someone else to fuck, go fuck yourself.

*It's a shade of mauve.


  1. At first, I thought that pic was just a parody.

    Then I finished reading through it and my mood dropped another few rungs. Now counting down until this is featured and celebrated over at Vox Day’s blog.

    This sort of crap is exactly why I try not to use words like “slut” (along with “bitch” and some others), even when referencing to the stupidest and vilest of women. Oddly enough, there just doesn’t seem to be any similar insults for men that one shouldn’t utter. Which is somewhat unsettling.

    (I must ask, though, about the relevance of your post title? I don’t see how it fits.)

  2. The person who went to the trouble and made that chart needs psychological help - q lot of it.

  3. Joe-ay: Because there are no sluts, any more than there are unicorns. Some people like sex more than others, some people are more open about it, but that's not a bad thing. It's just a thing.

    What totally opened my eyes was the feminist blogosphere and their discussions of "sex positive" thinking. We all (or most of us) agree that women have the right to say "no" to sex, but the idea that women have the right to say "yes" to sex (called sex positive) is still very controversial in many circles. Circles where sluts can still exist.

    Andy: read the comments. I'm a little afraid to leave my home after reading those.

  4. Wow, my answer isnt always "yea sure", I guess that means I'm not a guy...

  5. Well, I'm pretty sure if I asked Naveen Andrews "yeah sure" would not be his answer, so you're in good company, GG.

  6. Oddly enough, I've never said, "Wanna fuck?" to a woman.

    I've never automatically responded, "Yea, sure," nor would I respond in such a way to every (most...any, maybe) woman.

    I also wouldn't just date any woman who asks.

    I'm a man. I'm not a robot. (Although it was decided today that I'm as warm and fuzzy as a brillo pad, so there's that...)

    So this poster is horribly misogynistic. It's also dreadfully offensive to any man who has, y'know, standards.

  7. My first reaction was also that it was a parody, and tried whilst reading it to interpret it as such. It was difficult, but this was the best I could come up with:

    Assuming the word "slut" means "person who likes to have sex, whenever and wherever" (that's the definition I grew up with), the picture implies that all men are man-sluts and thus highlights the hypocrisy of the patriarchy, by the fact that they are never called out on it.

    Or more likely it's just something that was pulled out of misogynistic asshole. [warms up the TF gun]

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  9. that website made me ill.

    i should know better - PF, you're a professional, i am not.


    then DM added to it, sigh

  10. I think women should reclaim the word slut.
    Dare to be a slut, assume it.


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