Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Evil- You're Reading It Right Now!

When my niece was 4, I babysat her every night while her mother was at work. Liberal though I am, I never allowed her more than 1/2 hour of TV a day, not because TV is evil, but because TV isn't particularly good for developing minds. One day in October, I was baking cupcakes for a bake sale at her preschool and completely lost track of time. When it came time to ice the cupcakes, I called for her to help me and she said, "I'm watching a Halloween movie!"

Then I heard the Jason sound: shuh shuh shuh shuh

I almost broke a leg getting out to the living room to turn the TV off, much to the disappointment of my niece, who was sure she'd just missed the good stuff.

So you can see that, liberal though I am, I certainly understand, and agree with, being careful what children are exposed to, but some people carry things a little too far.

There is good to be found in the below categories but I want us to examine the various choices of entertainment:

TV/Movies--the obvious offenders are evident, lust, sexual immorality, sensuality, foul language, witchcraft, but what about the ones that are not? Feminism, children deemed as superior and parents portrayed as imbeciles, rebellion towards authority and God, homosexuality, and the list goes on.

That's weird. Sex comes up 4 separate times, but violence? Not once. Actually, considering who lives and who dies in a Friday the 13th movie*, I guess this person would allow a 4-year-old to watch one.

Books/ Magazines-- glossy pages send strong messages, books can have hidden messages, philosophies and agendas that mom and dad don't have time to read through

Glossy pages send strong messages? Wtf does that mean? Oooh, shiny- BURN IT! As for "books can have hidden messages"? Um, yeah, that would be the point of . . . don't you read the Bi- . . . oh, fuck it, I give up. Don't give your kids books or magazines, ever. Better they never read than that they get exposed to glossy agendas. (Actually, here is a list of acceptable books. It is the saddest thing I have ever seen. I weep for the trees killed to produce these travesties of English.)

Video Games--violence, sex saturated, dark and evil, desynthesizing our children, satanic-- now they have video games that access the internet and so we move unto..

"Desynthesizing our children"? Wow, you managed to wtf me twice in two paragraphs. That doesn't happen every day. I looked. There is no such word as "desynthesizing". Maybe she meant "desensitizing"? And where are these "sex saturated" video games of which she speaks? I'd like to get a hold of one. Sure, GTA contains some implied sex, but "sex saturated"? I am so missing out!

Internet sites, blogs, Youtube and Facebook--all which put our children and ourselves on the fast track of information--good and bad. Be sure to have your filters on as a smorgasbord of depravitiees exists for the unsuspecting. Not only that, but also know what your children are reading and who they are visiting. Never let a child be online alone. I use the 'buddy system' for accountability. No one goes online without someone with them. Sometimes, even blogs for girls/boys (that appear godly) can dive into topics like sex, suicide and such so beware!

"a smorgasbord of depravitiees" This woman homeschools her children. "Sometimes, even blogs for girls/boys (that appear godly) can dive into topics like sex, suicide and such so beware!" ZOMG- a website aimed at teenagers deals with subjects that concern teenagers? That's insane!

Music--Since there are many points I want to discuss here, I will be discussing this subject in a different post.

Wow, the internet gets one paragraph, but music gets a separate post? Are these people still that worked up about heavy metal?

I have 'cleaned house' before and it is amazing how things still find their way in, it is definitely an ongoing process! Our family has adopted a 'walk beside, talk beside' method of dealing with these things and that in the event if they are exposed to ungodly influences-- we counter it with biblical worldview teaching. We must arm our children with the weapons of war that they will need for their time here on earth as we cannot shelter them from everything.

Everywhere I look I see evil, but that's okay because we have a system of brainwashing our children! Someday, I'll figure out a way to make sure they never think without checking with me first!

*Classic 80s horror movies punish immorality pretty much immediately. That drunk guy and the girl who has sex with him? Dead in the first 15 minutes. The dorky kid who wouldn't take a drag of a cigarette, on the other hand, stands a good chance of making it to the end of the movie.


  1. I like reading Evil!
    Keep working the Evil machine!

  2. And where are these "sex saturated" video games of which she speaks? I'd like to get a hold of one.

    You've apparently never been to Japan...

  3. Ah, Japan, whose major export seems to be WTF?!. It's not like she's been to Japan, either. I can tell you right now that she's referencing any video game in which one character can touch another.

  4. I can tell you right now that she's referencing any video game in which one character can touch another.

    I dunno. Someone might have Rickrolled her with some Rapelay screenshots...

    Actually, now that I think about it...naah. that would require seeing things that can't be unseen.

  5. Yeah keep kids from video games it does them no good:


  6. When my boys (now 24) were young, I kept a close eye on what they read and watched. I'd allow shows with hugging, kissing, and (gasp) dancing but drew the line at violence, especially "violence as foreplay".

    A friend had children the same age, and the kids would often have sleepovers back and forth. One of the best things my friend ever said was "If you would let your kids watch it, you can let our kids watch it."

    Ours had free run of the books in our house. When he was about 20, one son read one of the who-done-its from my shelf and said, "Mom! The guy in that book got a BJ on the balcony! I thought it was funny, but you shouldn't be reading stuff like that!"

    They have both grown up to be normal, well-read, educated, non-religious, non-sexist, non-racist, moral, ethical, men who treat women (and men)as equals.

  7. Go to the video-game store and the worst thing you'll find among hundreds of games is a bit of touching and a few sound effects sandwiched between a couple hours of gameplay.

    Go to the local library, pick any novel from the standard fiction section, and at least half the time you'll find a complete and detailed description of intercourse somewhere within the pages.

    Seriously, these people seem to be unwilling to tolerate the mere existance of adult-aimed video games. This leads me to believe they seen no difference between GTA and Crash Bandicoot.

  8. Crash Bandicoot doesn't wear a shirt. And he's like genetically-modified to be a super bandicoot.
    Also he's not married to that other female bandicoot he always hangs around with.

    So yeah...I'm thinking Crash Bandicoot is a definite no no in that house.

  9. Desynthesizing? Is that when video games turn children against electronica, and all those sweet, satanic dance beats?

    Alas! Fundamentalist Christianity: the last bastion of experimental sound.


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