Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good News!

Like milk, only ruder.

I can now sleep at night knowing that On Lawn of the Opine Editorials has no problem with my choice not to have children. (As long as I know that sex, no wait, marriage, can lead to pregnancy. I do, so no worries!)

I've known a few couples who intended to never have children. I also know adults who were children in such arrangements. As long as they realize their marriage also covers the possibility of having a child, something that might happen even if they don't want it to, I have no problem with it.

Wow, that's so generous of you to be okay with something that is none of your fucking business at all, thankyouverymuch. Gah!


  1. You know, I never intend to die in a fiery car wreck. But I understand that every time I get behind the wheel I take a risk that I will run over by a fuel truck...

  2. Thank you. Now that I have your permission I can feel free to travel to and from work every day.

  3. It's nice of me to relieve of that stress, isn't it?

  4. Does that mean I can now get married too? I mean, there's always the possibility of adoption or having a surrogate mother and he and I can raise the child together.

    Science is also looking into two of the same gender having a child together. I guess, since children would then be a possibility, he has no problem with gay marriage.

    Oh, right. No one ever accused Christians of consistency.

  5. Well, everyone knows one of the symptoms of being married is spontanious child-generation. Things like precautions, contraception, or whether or not you're actually having sex, has nothing to do with it.

    For every friend-of-a-friend anecdote about unplanned pregnancies, there's a couple dozen couples who knew what they were doing, used contraception properly, and didn't get pregnant.

    Do you suppose Lawn has heard about contraception, or just assumes that people who don't want children are asexual? No wait, scratch that, that would imply Lawn is aware of the existance of asexual people.

  6. UM......

    yeah. no, there's nothing i can say that won't just feed that idiocy.

    "so long as you're "aware" pregnancy might happen, go for it" - what the FUCK?! who is this person, and who wants to egg his/her house with me? [this person is NOT cool enough for me to say "zie"]

  7. I appalaud your recognition of the fact that you do not want children, and your desire, therefore, to not have any.

    My mother recently told my sister and me that she hads really not wanted children, had not liked motherhood one bit, and had resented us, and not even liked us at all, let alone loved us.
    Oddly, SHE was surprised to learn that my sister and I were not shocked to hear this. Somehow, we'd known all along. Gee...ya THINK? as the young folks say today.

    Raising kids a a very tough proposition (raised two who were pretty good kids, and that was hard enough) and if someone has misgivings or simply decides to opt out, "Bravo"! says I.

    I am no sociologist or shrinkologist, but a visit to any school, mall, or restaurant will show you that a whole lot of people probably didn't think at all, and if they tried to raise a puppy the way they raise their kids, the ASPCA would have stepped in toot freakin' sweet.

    Something my wife started noticing and pointing out to me about five years ago in the schools we give presentations to, you see an ever increasing bunch of kids sitting, while you are talking, and they have a thumb in their mouth and are rocking the whole time. Some of them are as old as 14, and they aren't considered "special". Never saw it before, certainly not when I was younger or my kids were in school. What's really up with it?

  8. The arrogant assumption that other people care whether he's "okay" with their personal decisions?

    Gawd, now I remember why I stopped interacting with those people on the internets.


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