Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prelude to a WTF

I could frame the following as "ZOMG! Whacky people believing the whackiness- hahahaha!", but it actually makes me sad.

Do you remember how satan "asked" God about attacking Job? God allowed it, each and every time. I think something very similar has happened to me and I'm trying to stop or "counter" what he has been allowed to do now. How do I do that?

My mom went home last monday. During the days of the visitation and funeral last week, my dh and one of my girls got into it, I and my other 2 got drug into some of it, and it continues. It didn't make sense that it was even happening until this morning. My dh is a christian, my dd was one (I thought-she's 14 so its hard to tell anything) and my ex is NOT one and is a vehicle that satan has used and continues to use to get to me through my children. I am deadly serious about this. And based upon alot of factors, especially the timing, I think he and his demon buddies are behind all this. And yes, God allowed it. I dont "think" he possesses my dh or dd ( I dont think he can because I do think they are christians, but if they are off track which they are, I think he can stir stuff up in them (so to speak). I'm almost convinced my ex is possessed. If not, he might as well be at this point.

My question to anyone who has really studied or dealt w/ this stuff, is what is the best way to stop it? I do praise the Lord, have dug my feet in many years ago to not give up on Him, etc. I hope I'm making sense. I know you can tell the devil to flee and he will, but how do I get him off of the ones I love. If I try to point this out to either dh or dd, they will just think I'm nuts. God gave me eyes to see what is happeneing and trust me, NOW I can see it for what it is and I plan on doing all I can to stop this attack if I can do anything. I know its actually God. I know how to stop a direct hit, but not through people I love, who are supposed to love me, and are allowing themselves to be used by the enemy and not even know it.

I know to claim the victory, I know to praise Him, I know about the armor.. I'm just not sure because of the vehicles (people) he is using to get to me now.

Please help.

A recap: a death has occurred in this family. As a result, people are acting badly. This is a totally normal response to grief, anger being, in fact, the second stage of grief. Look, if you've ever had a family member die, you know that some people react as if their purpose on earth was to be an avatar of sympathy and kindness, while others let loose with every nasty thought and cruel behavior possible. Neither response is incorrect, per se, though the former is easier to deal with than the latter.

I'll never forget standing in the hallway of the hospital with my mother-in-law, not 10 minutes after her father died and his brother walks up and asks her if he can have the deceased's pots and pan set. Seriously. That's how people act.

The problem with the above interpretation of events- the devil is making them do it- is that it prevents any real understanding of human motivation and the people involved. The poster is now rendered incapable of really dealing with these behaviors, with the grief of the people involved, or with her own grief and reactions.

That's a real shame, because an exorcism is not going to help this.


  1. Job is my favorite biblical character and I find it amazing it got into the bible (the editors must have been napping). I made up a blues song about Job, "The God Blues".


    In terms of family members passing I'm a firm advocate of having a will (my wife and I have one) that plainly states what's to happen. It won't solve all the problems, but it may lessen the insanity (and that's all you can ever hope for).

  2. He had a will. It all went to his only daughter. That didn't stop all and sundry from asking her for pots, candlesticks, power tools, exercise equipment, etc.

  3. Back when I was about five my paternal grandmother had to be moved from her apartment in the retirement home to the nursing home part. Her husband had pre-deceased her, so there was no one left in the apartment and everyone knew my grandmother wasn't going to go back. Alzheimer's. Bad Alzheimer's.

    My mother set about the task of cleaning my grandmother's apartment. She made it be known to my grandmother's friends that if they wanted to stop and take something of hers they would be more then welcome to come by on such-and-such a day. She meant, "I you want a memento. Or are willing to take something big that won't fit in to my house." These were all fine, upstanding Christian people who were good and right and respectable.

    They picked over my grandparents' stuff like vultures. And they argued over who got to take what. When the whole thing was finally over my mother was so distraught over the whole mess that she just needed to call someone and commiserate, but she discovered that someone had taken the phone. It was an off-white princess phone, not one with any sort of value outside of a ten-dollar bill and a trip to Best Buy.

    Bear in mind, my grandmother wasn't even dead. And my mother never much liked her mother-in-law. But my grandmother's supposed friends who were supposed to be the respectable elders of the Christian community gave my grandmother's prized possessions all the consideration of a bunch of stuff that had been left by the curb on trash night. And it broke my mother's heart to live through it.

    So does that mean the Devil was involved that day? Or does it just mean that some people are greedy, selfish jackasses?


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