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And the Nobel Prize for Fail Goes to . . .

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This guy! Somehow, I ended up on a website devoted to fundamentalist Christian polygamy (not FLDS, evangelical. I think. Anyway, I didn't see anything about Smith having many wives.) where I happened upon a screed on patriarchal gender roles being based in genetics. I don't have any great understanding of genetics, but you don't have to in order to see the fail here.

Adam was made for GOD's own pleasure.

and now I'm thinking of yhwh as some sort of ethereal pervert.

I would not pervert the scripture but I implore the reader to consider that Eve was taken out of Adam and that in the beginning, the Adam contained the genetic material for both the Adam and the Eve. Adam was certainly a different sort of creature at that time, having within his body, the material for both the male and for the female that was necessary to initiate procreation: (Y, X, X, X).

Um, men always have . . . well, let me put it this way, a) men make both X and Y sperm. So every man can produce both male and female children, but not (b) without an egg to combine with and a woman to incubate the resulting fetus. interestingly, while men cannot reproduce without women, women can theoretically reproduce without men, Parthenogenesis, though I don't know that that's ever been proven to have happened in humans.

Now GOD saw fit from the beginning to separate the flesh from the flesh to make ADAM (Y, X) and EVE (X, X). Notice then that concerning the flesh, The Man has a measure of that substance in his being that GENETICALLY is rendered FEMALE. In this respect it can be said that a Man most certaily has a "female side" or quality about him.

I think what he's saying here is that men, because the sex chromosome set contains both an X and a Y, it is half female, which means that our erudite fundy has never seen what the rest of our chromosomes look like. Look at the picture above: all the chromosomes, except for the Y, are in the shape, more or less, of an X. Therefore, men have 23 female chromosomes and one male chromosome? that seems to be what he's saying. it's ridiculous, but it's what he's saying.

This is further verified by the fact that men have nipples. Do men suckle their young?

See, men and women are 99.7% the same. (depending upon how you're measuring things.) that's going to account for a lot of similar structures, including nipples. and, men can lactate. Male lactation generally doesn't happen on its own, but yes, men can suckle their young. or breastfeed.

Eve, on the other hand, has a double measure of the FEMALE chromosome, the X.

actually, as proven above, she has 1/23 more female than men, if my female you mean X, which I think you do. So, even using crazy fundy's logic, women are only 4% more female than men.

She does not have a "male" side. She is completely unable to "get in touch with her male side" except she joins to a man. Potentially, men have a better chance of knowing what it means to be FEMALE than a woman is capable of knowing what it means to be MALE.

okay, in the sense that it's hard for me to imagine what being a man must feel like in our misogynistic, patriarchal rape culture, men are not a different species. most of being a man is like most of being women, because we're all being human. he seems to think i'd have an easier time relating to an aboriginal woman in Brazil, living as her ancestors have for thousands of years, then relating to an American male of my socioeconomic group. That's total bullshit.

Now this scientific truth is continually being swept under the rug by EVOLUTIONISTS and SECULAR HUMANISTS because it totally dispells the religion of their perverse theories and casts down all the idols and icons of their IDEOLOGY.

yes, you caught us. it's the agenda. the perverse idols of the [insert minority group here] agenda. it's not, you know, science. or reality.

How dare a man say he understands what it means to be FEMALE!!!

dude, I am female and I'm not that pissed off about it. for the most part, men do know what it's like to be female because they are human and we are, too. now, if you want to know some of the finer details of being female in a particular culture, you'll need to talk to some females of that culture, but we're not some alien life form.

But the record remains written in the cell of every human being. A man definately has the capacity to understand a measure of this human condition, whereas the woman has no capacity in her flesh for understanding what it means to be male.

Oh, I see, the human condition is the male condition which women cannot understand. because we're not human.

This was GOD's own grande design.

grande? as in large?

Many scientists as a result have turned to CREATIONISM for answers because of these findings.

really? name them. Ken Hamm is not a scientist and neither is Ben Stein.

They are scoffed at and mocked by their peers but the record and the account found in the DNA of all animals continues to support these findings.

No, it doesn't.

But Mr. Fundy is all about the understanding, you see.

Wherefore, as MEN, we must be forgiving of WOMEN in their inability to understand us. They do NOT have a "male" side. GOD has given us men a measure of ability and some capacity to understand women, but it does not work the other way.

we're stupid like that. like dogs, only less furry.

Fortunately, both genders have a measure of "common ground".

99.7% common ground. It's a lot of common ground.

That said, a man will never understand what in means to be fully female in the flesh. He can only imagine. He cannot know. Men can appreciate beauty, flowers, butterflies, pretty things without being effiminate. That is also why men can appreciate women; but how can a woman appreciate that which makes him a man except she join with him in the flesh?

so, men can enjoy pretty things, but women can't understand . . . stuff?

That spirit has managed to corrupt and to pervert the flesh. Today, even our genetics are breaking down. In Man's knowledge of biology and zoology he has scrambled to preserve his DNA but it is a losing battle. Fortunately, GOD has shortened the days that would have led to Man's complete demise; but already we see in nature the result of this genetic breakdown not only in humans, but in all living things that have breath. The old 'carbon copies' are wearing out... The code is not replicating properly anymore... There are blanks and gaps in the genome... Mutations are also becoming increasingly common and genetic anamolies are on the increase. The corruption of our genetics began in the garden and as a result all creation is compromised.

None of that is happening. our DNA is not breaking down, nor is the DNA of anything else breaking down. it's like he watched the X-Men movie and confused it with the Bible and science. only, you know, without Hugh Jackman in tight, black pleather. totally missed the point of the movie, dude.


  1. I wish there was a law against psuedo-science. We have laws against people pretending to be a doctor. Can we come up with something for people pretending that they have studied science. Ooh, can we use these specimens to replace non-human animals in scientific research? Please, please, please Madame Ruler of the Universe!

  2. "Today, even our genetics are breaking down."

    I saw that movie. Fortunately, transplants are available... just don't get behind on your payments.

    Or maybe he was thinking of the one where genetic degeneration caused people to sprout tentacles and die?

    @ Meg - I don't think this even qualifies as pseudo-science. It's only half a step above incoherent nonsense.

    "A man definately has the capacity to understand a measure of this human condition, whereas the woman has no capacity in her flesh for understanding what it means to be male."

    Hell, I don't understand what it "means" to be male, and I am one. Nor has my Holy Aura Of Masculinity done any great wonders in helping me understand women - or men either, for that matter. I know what my own experience is, and what I can observe and learn about other people's experiences. That's it.

    Empathy is not a sex-linked trait.

  3. I'm a scientist-and i saw nothing remotely resembling science in that screed. It made no sense to me. It just, well, it just made no sense....

  4. Okay, I can understand being so ignorant of biology that you find any of that plausible. And I can understand being so enamoured with your own mysoginy that you could turn that ignorance into an internal screed against it. But at some point, this man sat down and typed all that out. How on earth can somebody do that and not notice what they're saying? There really can't possibly be any analog of self-reflection or proofreading there at all...

    I don't get it. I just don't get it.


    All that said, I like the idea that chromosomatically I'm 95.8% female. I'm going to use that as an excuse next time someone challenges my MANLINESS.

  5. She does not have a "male" side. She is completely unable to "get in touch with her male side" except she joins to a man. Potentially, men have a better chance of knowing what it means to be FEMALE than a woman is capable of knowing what it means to be MALE.

    Since this argument is based entirely on the presence or absence of the Y chromosome, I guess he means that a woman can only get in touch with her male side by somehow feeling up Y-chromosome sperm that comes her way, whereas a man can readily get in touch with his female side by simply consulting the X chromosomes in every cell of his body. Okay, I'm trying- mm, nnng, urrrrgh....


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