Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ray Comfort Is Losing

1 in 8 adults in America is an exChristian, but movement in the other direction, from nonChristian to Christian as an adult, represents only 3% of the population. Which proves, at the very least, most people's suspicions that Ray isn't converting people to Christianity so much as he is moving people from one form of Christianity to another. That's like switching from liking Star Wars to Star Trek- you're still a geek like me.

According to the Christian research group, the most common reasons for leaving Christianity included life experiences, such as gaining new knowledge or education; feeling disillusioned with church and religion; feeling the church is hypocritical; having negative experiences in churches; being in disagreement with Christianity about specific issues such as homosexuality, abortion or birth control; feeling the church is too authoritarian; wanting to express their faith outside of church; and searching for a new faith or wanting to experience other religions.

That makes sense given the atheists I personally know, but what's interesting is that "life experiences" is the major motivation for switching to Christianity as well:

The top motivations for becoming a Christian, meanwhile, were going through difficult life events; getting older and seeing life differently; wanting to connect with a church and grow spiritually; discovering Christ; or wanting to know what was in the Bible.

I really can't see why you'd ever ask become Christian to find out what's in the Bible, most of them don't have the slightest clue. (See also: Left Behind, Rapture Ready, any Christian on TV)


  1. Oh the euphemisms...

    going through difficult life events = I have no one to talk to and can't afford therapy, but this pastor will talk to me for free and seems to have all the answers

    getting older and seeing life differently = "I'm going to die soon."

    wanting to connect with a church and grow spiritually = "This will help me stop having to take anti-depressants, right?"

    discovering Christ = "He was behind under my bed, behind some shoes the whole time!"

    wanting to know what was in the Bible = "You guys will read it aloud and explain it to me, right?"

  2. It was me! I was the turkey all along!

  3. Who picked the euphemisms? That sounds like a fucking mini sermon right there...

    Also, I followed the link. One of the other articles on the Christian Post referred to the fight over the "'Sharia Mosque.'" Yeah...about that...


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