Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, NeoNazis, You're So GOP circa 2009

There's two types of White Supremacists in the US, the terrifying young men with shaved heads and red suspenders that you should run screaming from no matter what race you are, and then there are the dilettantes. Bored, white, middle aged, middle class, they like to study preCivil War and Civil War era history, maybe cosplay* a little, and write newsletters and blogs. Blogs about the action they will take. Oh, the action they will take!


Take for example the Jacksonian Club (yes, that Jackson), which I found through a Christian blog, but that's another post for another day. Note how their proudly anonymous White Supremacist plans are exactly what prominent GOPpers were suggesting as serious policy in 2009.

Unlike the usual right-wing commentator, I am not here just to deliver you the news and my views. On the contrary, this blog is nothing less than a call to action. It is my intention to gather together as many good men as I can find with the immediate goal of forming Jacksonian Clubs in as many of our towns and cities as possible. Like the leftist Jacobin Clubs of old, the purpose of the Jacksonian Clubs will be to bring us together in a spirit of fraternity, to provide an alternative space for us to speak, think, plan and act.

And act we shall.

We shall fraternalize and plan and think and speak. About actions. We shall take them.

But what actions shall you take, Albert Jacksonian?

This guy over here may think that this can be remedied by a Second Continental Congress and a new Constitution, while this other guy might think the answer lies in new form of national socialism, while the guy in the corner may be for the formation of a smaller White entho-state in the current territory of the U.S.

Call a Continental Congress? Really? Oooh, secession. Wow, current White Supremacist rhetoric is so 2009 GOP.

These arguments and ideas are important, but we cannot begin to argue over the best way to achieve our objectives until we have at first organized on the first principle, the first necessary step: that the current Government has become our enemy, that it is actively seeking to overturn the basics of our civilization, that it has us slated for replacement as the majority population of this land and that none of this will be cured by ordinary politics.

Well, that's preObama rhetoric, circa 2008. It's like he's invented a Time Machine of Hatred!

You’d be surprised how many of us are out there.

Dude, "we surround you" has already been done.

You know, there was a time when all of the above would have shocked- Shocked!- me, now it's just "been there, heard that, don't you have something new for me?" How did we get to the point where white supremacists pandering to other white supremacists is not just old hat, but old major political party, all over the news, done to death boring?

*They call it "reenactments". I call it cosplay.

**Huh. That actually works for North America and India.

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  1. Living in the heart of the south, one Saturday a friend and I decided to get lunch at a pizza place which is across the street from our state capital building. This is downtown so you usually have to part up the street and then walk to wherever you are going. As we were making our way to the pizza place, we start hearing all of these explosions coming from the general area of the state capital building accompanied by smoke. Generally explosions coming from the general area of a government building is kind of a scary thing. Turns out it was cosplayers playing with their Civil War cannon. I really wanted to go over there and tell them "Thanks for enhancing my day by causing me to need to change my pants"


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