Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That's a Solution

I have a friend who went on vacation and came home to find his house overrun by ants. He deeply considered setting his house on fire to rid it of ants. While that is a solution, it's probably not the best solution.

Apparently, the Playful Walrus, back from indeterminate haitus, belongs to the burn-down-the-ants-and-the-house club as well.

Even though Walker said otherwise, apparently men and women are still different and marital roles still matter. Randy Dotinga reports via HealthDay that when a woman earns more than her male partner, infidelity by either is more likely.

A new study finds that men are more likely to cheat if their income is much lower than what their wife or female partner makes, while women are more likely to fool around if they make more than their husband or male partner.

Well, PW, it could be that women and men are not inherently different in this way, but rather socialized differently. (We are. Socialized very differently, that is. and that's not what the Prop 8 decision said, anyway. Shut up.) Hell, the difference could simply be that in this situation, the man has more free time on his hands, and the woman is running into more men at work. I have no idea, but your solution to the problem is . . . a solution.

Most women marry men who earn more than they do. This could be another reason for women to continue do so.

Oh, I see. Women should lower themselves to prevent infidelity. It's always the woman's problem, isn't it? How 'bout this: women shouldn't go to college anymore, because people who have degrees make more money, and if women don't have degrees, they can't make more money than their husbands.

In fact, women shouldn't even work at all. That'll stop the infidelity.



  1. The Walrus’s writings fit his/her name cunningly well. Blimey.

  2. Where e'rybody at today, huh?

    I just started Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition after seeing the author on the Daily Show a couple weeks ago. And already I have SO MUCH to say about the cynical parallels to be drawn between the organization of the Anti-Saloon league then and the "marriage defenders" today. Though we'll never be cursed with an amendment (we WON'T, I refuse), it's eerie to play "find and replace" with words like "Prohibitionists" and "anti-marriage equality campaigners." And since I'm reading it on my Kindle, I could technically do just that. Hm...

  3. I... um... I do my best to avoid scenarios that require burning everything down and starting over. That happens in no small part because it's so damned tempting.

  4. The Playful Walrus wrote:
    I would also be interested if the study had a way of adjusting for sexual frequency between the spouses. Some women who are earning more than their husbands lose respect and sexual desire for him.

    If your respect and sexual desire is based on how much money your partner is earning, then all I have to say is:

    Relationships: U're Doin' It Wrong.

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  6. i HATE posting after DM - how does one compete with the sheer volume of crap?

    that said, i again futilely tilted at Walrus' windmill, on his PropH8 BS post.

    ending with "churches can still refuse to marry gay people. the STATE cannot refuse to do so on RELIGIOUS GROUNDS, and i have YET to hear ANY argument that is NOT religious for why gay couples cannot marry each other."

    think s/he'll bite?

  7. also, Hey, Cynical Nymph -

    if you get a chance to write a review, can you link it here or email it to me? i'm on a tight book budget, and "Last Call" is on my list of "maybe get" books, with Solstice/GiftMass money :)


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