Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Bewbs o' Spring

Do you know how long it's been since I posted a boobs pic? I really have been out of it, huh?


  1. Hey! You have curly dark hair! Nice!

  2. Does that mean a given straight male or lesbian could, theoretically, be allowed to declare something akin to the term “BOOBIES!” without having aforementioned comment interpreted to indicate some manner of horny-ness on aforementioned given straight male or lesbian’s part?

    (… I just woke up.)

    But, yeah, looking nice, PF. Nifty necklace, and that does look like nice hair. Lucky hubby.

  3. ... off topic (Am I ever on?)

    You must read this. No, seriously. This is mandatory. I cannot begin to describe how happy this makes me.

    "Straight Male Gamer" to get over it by Bioware

    Bioware was already awesome, but I think they just slid into territory I had previously reserved only for Kamina, Mal Reynolds and Andrew Hussie. :D

  4. "told"! "told" to get over it"!


  5. PF: that necklace is shiny

    Quasar: HOLY FUCK!!! I'm... speechless...

    just - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the most eloquent hypocrite that ever lived

  7. Beam;

    apparantly, said person was only supposed to be banned from the forums, not everything:

    and EA appologized for the mistake...

  8. I blame EA: that'll be one of their policies, not one of the Bioware developers.

    There's a spectrum of style in the games industry: from the coporate, money-grubbing assholes (EA, Activision) to the genuine gamer-developers doing-it-for-the-art. The former are management types, who operate not by making games themselves but by buying up people who do and forcing them to work on sequels and rip-offs that they know make money, rather than original, creative idea's that [i]might[/i] make money.

    There are always exceptions, and any group of one will have a few of the other in it, but it's easy to pick the actions of one against the actions of the other. Linking ability to install a game to the suspended status of an online account is definately a trigger-happy action of the management types. Giving an opinionated lecture on privelege to a bigoted ass who doesn't like that they played your game and *gasp* a guy flirted with them? That's the action of somebody who actually cares about the game they made.

    I just want to add this: everything that's wrong in the games industry (and while we're at it, western capitalism in general) summarised by a douchebag:

    [Robert Kotick, Activision CEO] noted that in the past he changed the employee incentive program so that it "really rewards profit and nothing else." He continued, "... We have a real culture of thrift. The goal that I had in bringing a lot of the packaged goods folks into Activision about 10 years ago was to take all the fun out of making video games."

    (Note) Havn't read Denelian's link as of this posting.

  9. it was a teeny link, just about the appology, really.

    i agree with you about EA - although i didn't know it was THAT bad, that management came in with the GOAL of making work "not fun". if your work isn't fun, you'll probably not do that work as WELL as you could - stupid stupid stupid - i HATE bullshit like that "you're having fun, so OBVIOUSLY you aren't learning/working hard/getting better/whatever.


  10. Oh, yes it was more EA than Bioware.

    Denelian, EA claimed that after the fact, after the kid went to the press and talked to lawyers. That was lawsuit saving by EA.

  11. i missed that he'd talked to lawyers.


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