Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'll Show You Desecration

I don't agree with spray painting statues, however, this to me is the money quote:

Pink paint was sprayed on the face and hands, and the $80,000 statue was tagged elsewhere with offensive symbols.

$80fucking000?! Don't ever talk to me about morals again, you hear? How many children could you feed with $80,000? How many homeless people could you shelter for $80,000? How much medicine could you buy with $80,000? So you bought a statue instead?

That woman is grieving for the statue. Do you think that she ever approaches that level of despair over abused animals or homeless people or uninsured dying of treatable illnesses? I'm guessing not.

Fuck off.

[edited to make the quote more clear as being a quote]


  1. It's... it's not even an elaborate statue. Is $80K standard for something of that simplicity and size?? I don't even want to think what most of the statues in churches and cathedrals (and etc.) I've seen cost, then...

  2. i know, i was pretty surprised by the price tag, too. that looks to be a life size (6' tall), concrete statue with no decoration, in the standard "Jesus, arms at the side, slightly out" that you see at every third church, i.e., at least somewhat mass produced.

    So why is it so expensive?

  3. [affecting a snotty, patronizing tone] well, you see, my dear PF, statues are FOREVER. homeless people are going to DIE, whether we feed them or not, while this statue will out-live us all!
    [/snotty, patronizing tone]
    and i'm positive these assholes really feel this way, too - why bother to FEED people? feeding them keeps them alive, which means "in the way" at BEST [at worst "stealing our tax dollars or some shit]

    i sometimes really hate people.

  4. The article says it's marble.

    Also, the people in the church seem to think it was a Satanic compulsion performed by Satanists.

  5. I'd have painted Juggalo-style clown face-paint on it. MiRaClEs, MaN. HoNk.

  6. $80fucking000?! Don't ever talk to me about morals again, you hear?

    Thank you! :) I love your blog by the way. I find it highly entertaining and witty.

  7. "Kraus said the pentagram is "typically ... a satanic, demonic" symbol."

    I... No, nooo. This is not correct.

    Ugh, I didn't realize this happened in Atlanta. I shudder to think of the tearful speech this one religion teacher at my high school most likely gave all her classes on Monday morning...

  8. CN;
    that's why i didn't go read the article. this was probably a prank by some teens, just done to rile people up, but OF COURSE the church is going to assume it's "Satanism" [which, as a religion, doesn't even WORSHIP SATAN, for fuck's sake] and is then going to go ahead and insult the holy symbol of lots of non-Christians, in various ways, because that's what they do.



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