Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Controversy, I Has It

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I know some people are just going to explode when I say this, but I'm really get sick of all this "bomb Iran before they bomb everyone" bullshit.

First of all, Iran is populated by . . . wait for it . . . people. I don't care how tactical your strike is, you can't bomb Ahmedinejad without bombing my friend, Sara.

Secondly, there isn't overwhelming evidence Iran is even making nuclear weapons, and a lot of evidence that it is not. In fact, the Supreme Leader issued a fatwa, declaring nuclear weapons immoral. A fatwa may not mean much to you or I, but Muslims take their fatwas seriously. The IAEA denies that Iran has, or had, a program to develop nuclear weapons.

Then there is the assertion that Iran wants to nuke its neighbors. Its very close neighbors. Iran is about 1,000 miles away from Israel. That's half the distance from Pennsylvania to Nevada. I don't care how crazy Ahmedinejad is, I'm sure he understands how nuclear fallout works. Also, no matter how much Ahmedinejad hates Israel, he can't nuke Israel without also nuking the Palestinians, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. Do we really think Ahmedinejad is so crazy that he doesn't care what the results of that would be?

It's especially insane to suggest that Ahmedinejad wants to bomb Saudia Arabia's oil fields- 50 miles away. If you're going to nuke something 50 miles away, you may as well just drop the bomb on yourself, the effects would be pretty much the same.

Warmongering- even in the middle of two wars we just can't win, we still has it. I'm really sick of it.


  1. A country in the Middle East is making bombs. Say, I think we've heard this one before...

    Anyway, this is a whole other can of worms but I always find it difficult when we tell other nations that they can't have superduperbombs but we can since, unlike them, we are trustworthy and responsible.

  2. How do our diplomats say that with a straight face? Do we perform some special surgery on their faces before we send them out to negotiate?

  3. Also, regardless of how crazy Ahmedinejad is, he's not actually the one with his finger on the bomb. He is, at best, a third-level diplomat. He just happens to be the most vocal. He is to Iran what what Hillary Clinton's chief deputy is to America.

  4. Don't forget the fallout would affect Iraq also. I think that would unite Iraq to attack Iran, again.

  5. Also, no one seems to take notice that Iran hasn't invaded another country for something like 300 years - a claim so few countries, including America, can make these days.

  6. a) I've always had the same question as Fannie. "Wait, but aren't WE the only country to have employed a nuclear weapon in wartime? So... remind me why we get to tell other countries what to do with theirs?"

    b) I do hope that the rush to defend the CIA intelligence showing the LACK of an Iran nuclear weapons program will NOT detract from the heavy-handed way the Iranian government is dealing with the protestors. It would be a huge shame to let those folks vanish into the bowels of Evin just because the world gets bored...

  7. hi, i read your post and your comments from the friends.i believe one thing is manifestly clear that our president is crazy. always he drive me crasy especially with his silly lecture.

  8. That there is a really good point.

  9. I wonder what is going on or about to happen here in the you ess of aye that is going to require that the public be whipped up and pretty much forced to stand behind authority or be a traitor?

    What is this a distraction of? That's what it has been for a long time.

  10. Sarge -

    did you not get enough of that shit under King George II, of the Texas Bush family?

  11. denelian -

    Yes I did...more than enough, that's what's got me wondering.

    When the powers-that-is want you to look over keep your eyes focused on THAT, there's usually something under your nose that they don't want you to look at.

    Usually it's their fist approaching your nose or their hand dipping into your pocket.

  12. Sarge -

    sorry, i've been really defense. i'm not an Obama partisan (he's truly pissed me off with his lack of solidity on LGBTQ+ stuff, for a start - the man is, in no way whatsoever that i can discern, "Liberal" in the political sense) but everywhere i go, there are people shouting about how Obama is going to try to do X, Y and Z and imprison or worse anyone who says anything oppositionally. i, in an ass-making-way that i know better than, assumed you were doing the same.

    i'm very sorry. i do know better. my only defense is the time of night when i read this post and comments originally - but that doesn't doesn't actually excuse a rude assumptive. all i can do is (redunantly, again) offer my appologies. but they are shiny pretty appologies, i promise! well, sincere at the least.

  13. denelian - Don't worry about it, I'm kind of ambiguous at times...besides, these days a bit of natural tetchiness is understandable ;-).

  14. thanks :)

    but i am still sorry i jumped. shouldn't have... it's good to be reminded that i shouldn't. ambuguity does not (or at least, should not) mean that you're (generic) the enemy.

    but i no longer worry that i *made* an enemy where i did not need too. so, thanks :)


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