Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ow! Your Stupid Is Hurting Me.

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h/t to ExPattMatt for hurting my brain.

It's not so much the original post at Christian Thoughts, as it is the comment by the author [emphasis mine]:

Our wives are our reflection of who we are. Our children are our reflection of what we have done. Our world is a reflection of what we have cared about. But we as men are a reflection of what God is supposed to be here on earth!

Your wife is not a fucking mirror. She is an independent, thinking human being whose existence is not dependent on you or any other man. Your wife does not cease to exist when you leave the room, if you die she'll keep right on living and unless you're living in Stepford, she has a few ideas of her own.

I hate the smell of misogyny in the morning.


  1. That image gave me a good chuckle this morning, cheers!

    And sorry about the brain-hurting.

  2. I read that post over there and I got dumber.

  3. That entire blog is the blog of a self-righteous coward. His solution to men being poor leaders and fathers? They should get down on their kneed and pray to God....that's his ONLY suggestion to solve the problem? Thanks for nothing Godman! And the commenter that is obviously a brainwashed misogynist is in perfect harmony with the evil teachings of Paul in the New Testament, so we can hardly be surprised by his hateful response with regard to women. Sadly, it's the children of these religious nuts that end up pregnant and drugged-out...and then they're left wondering, did we not PRAY enough?

  4. "Our wives are a reflection of ourselves"? I assume he means to suggest that the traits of the person that you fall in love, in general, is a reflection of your own inner traits, somehow. So, yeah, a mirror.

    Otherwise, I believe they have a term to describe this phenomenon: "twincest".

  5. I realize the feminist issue here, but did nobody even note the last line? That's the one that got me.

  6. God's a dood, you know. women are just leftovers. leftover baby-making factories.

  7. Well I try not to be self-righteous. I actually am only trying to be better and maybe help others along the way. I am not for sure what makes me a coward but that doesn't bother me.

    If you will please, let me explain why I posted that. A little girl I know had been hurt by her father. I felt compassion for the little girl. My heart broke for her. And since the man who hurt her would not (and perhaps could not) make amends, all I could do was apologize.

    I don't mind you ridiculing me. We all have different beliefs and some seem fuuny. But I think you all misunderstood the post. My wife's happiness is not dependent completely on me. But can I hurt her by what I do? Yes. If she is not happy, it will show. If I treat her wrong it will show, in her face. What I do reflects in her life. Our world's past shows what we have cared about. We have destroyed the environment for riches. We have killed people in war for all kinds of purposes (yes even in the name of God, which was not right to do). Man, in my opinion, should be what God intended; a person who cares for others, especially the woman who chose to be with him because she trusts him and cares for him too. A man should not abuse, neglect, or cheat the people in his life that I do believe God has placed there. I do not believe in the superiority of man. I believe woman was taken from man as the Bible says from a rib. Even if this passage was just symbollic then listen. She was not taken from a toe as a symbol that man should walk all over her. Not from the skull as a symbol that either one is higher than the other. But from the rib as a symbol that the two should walk side by side.

    I did not suggest that prayer is the only thing needed. A change is what we need. Men need to own up to their responsibility. They say they love their wife, then do it. They have children, then they need to take care of them. That was the meaning behind those words of prayer.

    I am sorry you may have misunderstood the post. It was actually meant for one little girl and to hopefully comfort her.

    You are welcome to keep reading. And you can even actually talk to me personally if you want. You are welcome to keep ridiculing me. I ask though that you please think of this young girl and send positive thoughts to her. There may be a young lady out there just like her in your life who may need comforting.

    Matt, haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope everything is well. Everyone else, take care and remember, we're all in this world together. Godspeed to you all.


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