Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Very First Guest Post

not a picture of Sara, just a cool picture

My Iranian friend Sara asked me to guest post on her blog. I actually squealed with joy when she asked. The post is up, and I encourage everyone to visit Sara.


A note: regulars to this blog may find my style a bit different on the guest post. I'm no sure how well snark translates, and I'm not out to start an international incident.


  1. that was beautiful - two parts struck me the most. the seeing of the woman who could be your sister - i have run into this phenomena in almost every "ethnicity", cuz we're all a hodge-podge and people should *remember* that in the US, a country built OF that hodge-podge.

    and your descriptor of Dawn - almost as loving as Homer, that was. just... poetic.

    is that actually posted solely in English, or is it Arabic translated, or an Arabic translation offered, or what? i have had people transcribe passages of the Quo'ran for me (i have an Arabic-English version, but it never seems quite, well, right, in the English copy). people say that Spanish is so lyrical that a soap commercial sounds like a love-song; in my experience of Arabic-that-has-been-properly-translated, Arabic lends itself a whole nother level of lyricism...

  2. You're right about Farsi and Arabic- they both have a songlike quality to them, and the structure of Arabic (I don't know about Farsi) lends itself to poetic turns of phrase while ordering a bean burrito.

    Thank you.

  3. i calls 'em like i see 'em :D

    my computer is damned near dead, and shuts of every 5 minutes or so - i am just now reading this, and i don't think i will be able to comment for a while. i'm on Pete's computer at the moment - not meaning to be Anon, but i guess Anon.
    so, this si Denelian :)


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