Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fine Art

McNaughton Fine Art raises the political cartoon to whole new levels. (Hint: run your mouse over the picture and look to the right.)

h/t to shadowmouse.


  1. Lol … that’s totally awesome.

  2. that was totally beautiful!
    well, except for the earnest truthfullness about the "Hollywood Guy"

    hahaha! thanks - i sorely needed to be reminded that there *are* more people who are willing to make fun of the willful ignorance of the Right.

    appropos of nothing - i have been hoping that you would review Job: A Comedy of Justice. i mean, you reviewed Job: a Tragedy of UnJustice. just to even it out? :D

  3. Sorry, but I have to say just one thing...

    This person (artist)is fucking nuts!

    It's like a collage of superheroes and Disney characters.


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