Monday, October 12, 2009

How Is God Different From Hitler?

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When evaluating beliefs, it's sometimes useful to stretch them out to their most outrageous conclusion and see what you end up with. Once Saved Always Saved* theology turns monstrous fairly quickly when you do this. You can end up with a child molester spending eternity in heaven while his victims spend eternity in hell.

You can end up with every Jew killed in the Holocaust burning in hell while Hitler enjoys heaven.

To any thinking, moral person, this is offensive. Immediately, punched-in-the-gut offensive. Yet, at the very least, believers in OSAS are forced to defend it, though most of them will proudly state, "Oh, Anne Frank? Burning hell**. Hitler, he could be in heaven. I don't know." So, basically, Auschwitz was just a little taste of what god is meting out to them right now. Nice. You sick fucking psychopaths.

Ray Comfort's The Eternal Destiny of the Jew attempts to deal with the issue, though it's really just a rehash of "we're all sinners, you need Jesus, burn in hell", but what's really interesting are the various defenses on the part of the fundy commentors.

Rock Sprites said...
Ryan Anderson said:

"Will you concede that Hitler COULD have found salvation at the end?"

Yes, just like anyone else

I can't decide if she just hasn't thought the issue through, or if the idea of a man responsible for the deaths of tens of millions in heaven while his innocent victims burn in hell is totally okay with her. She said that like I would say, "well, yes, Hitler may have enjoyed tea as much as anyone else." Say that sort of thing to normal people and they won't like tea quite as much anymore. But Rock Sprites is totally cool with spending eternity with Hitler.

Starbuck said...

And just because you were a victim of murder does not negate the fact you are a sinner. If you don't have Christ, then you don't have life. It's simple. Stop with the emotional victim being sent to hell because they refused Christ.

All stories of someone going to hell is sad. All of them. That isn't what God wants. God does NOT take pleasure in the destruction of the wicked. He is saddened by it. So take that God gleefully sends poor innocent people to hell and STUFF IT. It isn't even remotely true. The only ones in hell will be sinners and deserve it. But not everyone who deserves it will get hell.

If you don't like it. So? What are you going to do about it? A much more powerful angel has been trying to thwart God for atleast 6000 years, maybe longer. He will lose. What makes you so high and mighty to say the crap you say about God? He really does wish you would come to him. But you won't because you think you are smart and strong and he doesn't exist.

Well, so what? You end up in hell... SO WHAT?!

First of all, Holocaust victims were a little more than murder victims. Sure, some were shot right off the bat, but most were starved and tortured first. It's a matter of degree. Secondly, so what? Damn straight, so what about all those people spending forever and ever and ever being tortured forever? Who cares about that? It's boring, really. You scare me, Starbuck.

And if god is so very saddened by about 80% of humanity ending up in hell, why doesn't he do something about it? He is omnipotent, you know. Way to typecast the omnipotent being as a victim in all this.

I just can't see being okay with the idea of billions of people, most of whom did nothing wrong, suffering as Holocaust victims did for all eternity, especially when that idea is held concurrently with the idea that a man like Hitler could very well be enjoying the rewards of heaven. It's mind-boggling. It's horrible. It's the opposite of moral.

It's Christianity.

*OSAS is the essence of fundy theology. Essentially, once you "accept Jesus into your heart", that's it. You're going to heaven. It doesn't matter what you did before you were saved, or even what you do after, just as long as you're saved.

**Fundys will occasionally attempt to weasel out of this by stating that "we don't know" what Anne Frank or 6,000,000 other Jews believed at their deaths, but I find it unlikely that people who were tortured at the hands of nominal Christians for the crime of being Jewish converted to Christianity en masse. Highly unlikely.


  1. there's a good bit of Revelation given over to talking about the Jews who are in Heaven.

    and, correct me if i am wrong, but is it not exactly against Biblical Law (new testimant) for these Christians to JUDGE? isn't there a prohabition on telling people that they are going to hell? i thought all one could really say is that people might end up in hell?

    meh. too stupid. the whole hell concept is stupid, and not real - outside of Revelation, it's not taken seriously at all. the worst Jesus said was that people who didn't find salvation weren't going to Heaven. different thing entirely...

  2. I totally agree with the point, but the Hitler argument might not be the best as it appears that he committed suicide. Which when I was religious meant an instant hell card.

  3. Anon -

    not all sects of Christianity consider suicide to me auto-Hell.
    also, key phrase, "appears to have". it *looked* like he may have committed suicide. i, personally, take great pleasure in the thought that, just perhaps, one of his loyal minions woke up and said "Dear God, this was fun while it lasted, but we are now *losing* the war, and all because Adolf threw good money after bad - *why* did we open a second front? we need a New Leader!"

    that's just me, of course. :)


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