Monday, October 12, 2009

He's Back!

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While the rest of spent the last two weeks slowly coming around to the virtues of Kolb, McNabb was apparently bent on reminding us why we loved him in the first place.

(Insanely busy with a huge bankruptcy case. Regularly scheduled atheism blogging will resume eventually.)

Update: Apparently, the FBI does not understand the meaning of "give us the insurance documents we need to run the hospital, or the only hospital in a 50m radius that can deliver babies will shut down." Sigh.


  1. He was almost perfect yesterday. And he definitely didn't look like someone recovering from broken ribs.

  2. That man has a heckuva pain tolerance. He threw for four touchdowns that one year- on a broken ankle.

  3. Yeah, I am always amazed at NFL players' ability to play with pain that would keep most people home from an office job. I've had severely bruised ribs before (only bruised, not broken), and the pain was bad enough that I couldn't do sit-ups. It's hard to imagine playing in an NFL game a couple weeks after breaking some ribs, knowing that you are likely to get hit at full speed by 300+ pound individuals aiming for your injury.

  4. I love Merrill Reese. This one's my favorite:

    "Brian Westbrook! He's going! He's going! Touchdown! Brian Westbrook! 84 Yards! No penalty flags! I don't believe it! Brian Westbrook has just exploded, and with 1:16 remaning, this place is in a state of SHOCK!"


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