Monday, October 26, 2009

Stop Flaunting It!

Do you want to think about this man having sex?
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Euripides is pissed about homosexuals "flaunting" their sexuality*- something so cluelessly ironic that merely writing this has made me stupider.

If you are a heterosexual, you flaunt your sexuality every time you: wear your wedding ring (for straights only!), hold hands/kiss your spouse in public, or appear outside your house with your children. Think about it: your children are a testament to the minimum number of times you have had sex. Three children? At a bare minimum, you've had sex with the person next to you three times. That gay couple across the street? We have no evidence that they've ever had sex, but you- you!- we know all about your sex life.

Honestly, could you please leave the kids at home? There are very few people I want to think about having sex. Unless you are Naveen Andrews, Zachary Quinto or Wolverine**, I don't want to think about it, so stop shoving your sex life down my throat!

Thank you.

*He links to a video from PJTV. If you enjoy watching PJTV, you are a disgusting little piggy, and I would appreciate advance notice of this fact should we ever meet in person.

**If you are Naveen Andrews, Zachary Quinto or Wolverine, I have an email address. Use it.


  1. Yeah, this is one of the stupider anti-gay attacks, but you hear it all the time. It's basic message is that gays should all go back in the closet and stay there, because their very existence offends straight people.

  2. So, wait. Do you have something against Hugh Jackman, but not Wolverine? Because that might be a problem...

  3. Hugh Jackman doesn't really do anything for me, unless he's Wolverine. This undoubtedly says something about me I really don't want to think about.

  4. In answer to your first question, no. Although, now that my mind is there, I wonder if he keeps the Bad Ass Shades on.

    Also, I would turn a little straight for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. But then Jean Grey would come along and turn me totally gay again.

  5. Jean Grey makes me a little gay . . . turns out i wouldn't thinking about Wolverine and Jean Grey having sex.

    The rest of my day is shot. Thanks, Fannie.

  6. I'm sure there's a fan fiction story in there somewhere...

  7. I’m pretty sure I’m just sinking my cred well into negatives by now, but: what is “PJTV”? A quick Google search led me only to some conservative blog system thingy. Dun really see the relation.

    On-topic: anyone who whines about gays “flaunting their sex lives” ought to be slapped.

  8. Why ya gotta be hatin' on my man, Hugh?

  9. I think it's Pajamas Television. I've watched a couple of clips promoted on "traditional marriage" blogs, and it's . . . maddening.

  10. He really does think this argument is brand-new, doesn't he?

  11. wow. His blog has English words in arrangements that hint at syntax, but no apparent semantics. Can anyone expalin what it means, "teach same-sex marriage?"

    I thought of asking them, but I'd like an intelligent answer. It sounds like they think teachers will tell children they have to marry someone of the same gender. They really don'tthink that do they?

  12. @Uzza:
    You’re forgetting the cardinal rule to apply to these types of people: the crazier and stupider something is, the likelier they are to believe in it.

  13. Rhetorically speaking, you made a fatal error in bringing up children. In doing so you reminded me (and everyone) of the obvious and inescapably basic difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality. One results in offspring. The other doesn't.

    I'm not saying that homosexual people cannot be parents. I'm only pointing out the biological fact that they cannot produce offspring.

    Once you admit that there is a fundamental difference between the two, then it leaves all the other questions open to debate.

    You cannot have it both ways. You cannot claim that homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality and then point out that they are categorically different.

    Oh, and I am not for anyone flaunting their sexuality or the sexual behavior in public--of any kind. I don't think the presence of chidlren does so, though. It's actually kind of disgusting to say so.


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